Opinion on these sunglasses

  1. Im lookin for a new pair of glasses for this summer. Does anybody have these or what do you think of them

  2. I like the buckles on the side, very cute. I am a sucker for buckles.
  3. Love them! It's hard for me to do the gold thing, so I'd prefer them in silver.
  4. LOVE!!! I have a large pair of blue buckle sunglasses... i think they're great!!!
  5. Very cute! I would like them in silver too. If I wore gold, I would look too Italian mafia in Brooklyn'ish (no offense to anyone plz)!
  6. [​IMG]
  7. All of them are pretty cute. But I like the black ones best.
  8. I love the first ones there gorgeous !!
  9. I love the black... how much are they all? Hella cute.
  10. I love those! You should get them!
  11. I love them all!
  12. wow, those are really cute! makes me want a new pair too.
  13. Cute!
  14. I always think you should judge them by how they look on.
  15. Hella! Norcal!

    I like the black ones too.