Opinion on these Cocktail Rings :)

  1. Hi Peeps! What's everyone's take on fine jewelry cocktail rings? Ive attached some photos. :biggrin: Would you buy them at prices above US$1,000? Hope to get some honest opinions about them :graucho:
    accesslab-camel.jpg accesslab-car.jpg accesslab-horse.jpg
  2. My honest opinion would be... no. I would be nervous about hurting someone with the horse ring. Not really my style. However, they are adorable and beautiful to look at simply as pieces of art, and they are nicely made. I personally would not purchase them or wear them.
  3. Actually, the camel is growing on me, it's cute :smile:
  4. They are cute, but as kitten said, they seem more like art and less like jewelry. I doubt I would purchase one.
  5. I just checked out the site and I love the goldfish and the flying pig! I would definitely wear one of those if I had an extra $1200 lying about, that I didn't end up spending on a bag. I also like the rocking horse.
  6. I like them, but they are not my style.
    The Horse ring is very nice! ♥
  7. Truly a conversation piece. It would not work in my lifestyle these days, but if you love one...why not?
  8. If you love, you should go for it, it is not my taste, but thats why we are different!
  9. They're very interesting. I couldn't wear one though, they stick up too far, I'd be afraid of it constantly getting caught on things.
  10. I dont like them AT ALL. They are interesting but something about it just throws me. I guess I like more of a classic look.
  11. My honest opinion is no because they are too over the top. I would feel like Im trying too hard to have something to show people.

    However, if it is relevant to your business ie if there was a shoe, and you had a shoe shop, it might be cute sort of.

    The other thing they dont look comfortable or practical to wear.
  12. they are gorgeous!

    the workmanship is amazing and i love that the rings are diff. and unique! something you wont see off a regualr jewelry store! yes, i agree, it takes a certain personality to pull off these rings but hey, they're cocktail rings - they're supposed to be fun, big, one-of-a-kind and beautiful!
  13. Those look great! I'd wear one for sure if I had the spare $$$ lying about. I'd just be scared of catching it on something (or someone).
  14. No I wouldn't. Not quite my style for cocktail rings. They do look more like art though. Very pretty but not for me.