Opinion on the Wolly mop bag......

  1. I wondered what everyone thought of the wolly mop (thats what BalenciagaLove calls it...lol) bag. You know the one thats in Sex in the City. Does anyone love this bag.

    I know I might have lost the "plot" a bit, but I do love this bag, so totally different. I saw it IRL in Harrods, and know they come in different colours. So whats everyone thoughts on it.
  2. Post a picture SAICH....wolly mop?:confused1:
  3. do you mean this one?
    I think it's hilarious. Looks like someone is carrying around a peacock or a duster...:lol:
    Makes the world a bit less serious though..:p
  4. OMG! have seen this IRL, not a fan...:push:
  5. hahaha! funny name and funny pic! havent seen it irl but its not for me. i'd like to see it in different colors though! but yes saich it is different! but then again isnt everything fendi makes different?:smile:
  6. I still think that despite holding this bag, Charlotte looks better than Carrie.
  7. Totally agree! Kinda strange -- that bag seems much more Carrie than Charlotte. But the bag and Carrie's skirt are the same silhouette.
  8. Yikes looks too frumpy to go with stylish clothes. So UNglam :tdown:
  9. Well, you have to be one stunning lady to pull this look off! It does look like a duster!:lol:
  10. Yes thats the bag, I know its very odd looking and do agree it looks like a mop/duster, but also think its very pretty......
  11. I like that it is put against such a structured outfit. I don't like the Fendi on the outside.
  12. hmmmm...What in the world were they thinking?:confused1:
    A bit to out there for me...
  13. Yeah...I'm not feelin' it either...
  14. I like it - but then i like slightly out there bags....
  15. Oh i love it.