opinion on the ultra rings!

  1. Hi all,

    My husband was looking through one of my magazines and he saw the ultra ring in white and black and for the first time in history, he found a chanel that we both like. What are your opinions on this ring, is it worth it? Anybody have any info on the current price on the large ring with and without diamonds? modeling pictures are greatly appreciated. I have small hands, do you think it would be ok to buy the large (double) ring?
  2. I love these. I just tried them all on this past Saturday. The single ring without diamonds is $1295, I think the double without diamonds is $1,900. I have more information about these at home. I'll try to remember to look it up when I get home.

    I have the black single from 2006 - the style has change a bit. The ceramic pieces were smaller in 2006.
  3. omg, thanks smooth, I love these rings, althought I didn't know there's a difference from last year and this year, that's good to know. Do you happen to know if any Saks sell these? It would be nice to get it during EGC event if they do have it.
  4. No, only the boutiques carry the jewelry. Neimans and Saks carry some of the watches, but that's it.
  5. oh ok thanks for the info.
  6. I love those rings. Too much, actually. I've having a difficult time trying to convince my bf that a Chanel ring is the epitome of romance and love. :biggrin:
  7. lol, sorry, but something cheesy comes in mind "our love is much stronger than gold(regular diamond bands), only the strenghs of Diamond and Ceramic can symbolize it"

    Back to OP: If both you and DH really like this ring, I'd say go for it asap as the price will never go down or on sale!
  8. :roflmfao:

    That is GREAT, Classic Chic! I am going to try that one on him the next time he asks me what I want.... Wonderful! I love this place :love:
  9. Just btw, the fine jewelry is increasing again on Jan 15th by 6%.
  10. ^^^^^


    Bye bye, pretty Chanel ring.........
  11. absolutely love my Ultra ring! i wear it daily as my wedding ring.
    at first it may feel bulky and on the way, but you get used to it quickly...i get lots of compliments on it, as it's very different kind of jewelry....and diamonds are on fire!
    only thing is, it broke after only 2.5 months of wearing it...the hinge came out and I almost lost the ring...i got it fixed at Chanel store in Paris and now i am a bit paranoid to have it happened again...but i do wear it with no mercy, it gets lots of wear and tear...i do recommend it highly.
    IMG_9903.jpg IMG_9905.jpg IMG_9908.jpg
  12. omg that is just gorgeous, thanks for sharing your pix, I was thinking of getting the black, but now that I see white, I'm not sure now. love it
  13. Valerka: if you don't mind sharing, how much is your version of the ultra ring please? i think it'd make a great anniversary present (mouhahaha my poor DH doesn't know this yet).