Opinion on the new Nappa Leather hobo bag with Metal rings

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  1. Dear fellow BVettes,

    I saw this bag recently at NM and fell in love with it. I am reaching out to ask your opinion on this bag. I haven't seen anyone post about it.

    I am so tempted to get it and hoping to get your inputs. I have seen 3 colors IRL( black, grey and a green) I seem to be liking all the 3 colors ( they all seem to be having their own charm)and not sure which one to get.

    My current BV collection:
    1. Veneta large hobo in black
    2.Nappa large tote in purple.

    TIA for all your valuable inputs.

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    I like it too. I think I saw it in denim but I was spell bound by the new cervo loop at the time, so I may be confused on the color. I think it's an attractive bag but I didn't pick it up to see if it was heavy. I like the lines of it. Did you feel it was easy to get into and out of?
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  3. I picked it up and tried and dint feel it was heavy and it was easy to get into, meaning to say-> it dint feel any different from getting in/our of the large hobo.

    Not sure of what color, ideally I would love a nice Red addition to my bag family. Maybe the grey? cant decide!
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  4. I'm totally biased towards gray, so I'm not going to be useful in choosing a color. I just looked online and it's also available in Krim.
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  5. I saw this bag IRL and tried the Krim one. It is very beautiful as the wide surface truly shows the intrecciato to the max, and I love the hardware link at the end of the strap. Few things to note:
    -- it is very deep Bag --- not easy to reach the bottom of the bag
    -- because the hardware is heavy, it tends to flop over
    -- indeed it is heavier than my average BV, I carried a lot so this matters to me

    Those are my 2cents. But is it indeed beautiful!!!
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  6. I tried this bag on in Barcelona. There are two sizes. The big one is quite big and I thought it was a bit heavy and quite big. It's very deep--like the YSL Roady from several years ago and deeper than say a Balenciaga Day. It's much deeper than the Cervo Baseball Hobo. The smaller one had a lovely proportion and for petite women would be ideal, I saw this one in a beautiful cream color.

    In terms of color, it's stunning his blanca but you already have that color. The green is darker and it may limit you to fall/winter. So based on that, I'd try the grey.
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  7. It's a beautiful bag and I tried it in Venice (both the black and Krim) but it was just too big. I'm 5"3..
  8. Thank you ladies for your valuable thoughts. I plan to go to SF this weekend, finish my SF half marathon run and then get this bag as a nice present to myself. I am thinking Grey.
  9. Thanks for posting this! I really like this bag, but think I would be happier with the smaller version. The metal detail is very well done. Do you see how much the smaller version was? Is it available in this dark color as well and did it have the same metal finish? Is there a link to the smaller bag on the BV website (if yes, please share!)
    FWIW, I think the large version could be a good alternative to the LV Artsy, especially for people who don't like the way the Artsy's handles dig into their shoulder. I had looked at an Artsy earlier this year and rejected it because of the handles...this BV hobo caught my eye but I decided that I didn't really need a bag that big, I don't carry that much stuff as a rule.
  10. The BV site doesn't show the smaller size but NM does. However, NM doesn't give any measurements for either. How different are they? Any comparison pics?
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  11. Yes, I couldn't find the smaller one on the European BV site either. In the smaller size, I love the dark gold/bronze color. :heart::heart:
  12. I love this bag....oh no...
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    I've learned more about this bag. There are in fact three sizes. The dimensions are in Inches.

    Large ($3750)

    Medium ($3400)
    H: 13.8

    Small ($2850)

    I think the department stores are showing the small and medium. BV will be getting the large soon. I am wondering if I tried on the large in Barcelona.

    I tried on the small and medium tonight in the new metallic shades.

    Sorry for the lighting but you get a sense of sizing. I am 5'10" for reference.
    IMG_3295.JPG FullSizeRender.jpg
  14. I think it looks great on you. :tup:
  15. I agree and you look great! Thanks for sharing - I have yet to see the small version - will go check it out :P