opinion on the jacquard logo

  1. hey y'all. i put a small carryall and messenger with the dark jacquard logo on hold today. just want to ask if you think it's nice for a 18yr old guy- me! thanks!
  2. I have it in a big tote..Its a great bag..GO FOR IT!
    And it doesnt ever get dirty!
  3. this is my favorite prada line of all time. i love canvas, and i love that it's a huge logo and subtle all at the same time. i prefer the corda/moro.. light tan version. but they are all hot. i'd go for it!!

  4. Thing is, I don't know if the dark version is something i won't get bored of easily. i actually quite like the light version, but they don't have it in the small carryall. =( Do you have any pics you can post up for me? Thank youuuu!