Opinion on the handbag showcase stunning bags.

  1. I've been home all day with nothing to do so I had a chance to look at many of the bags. The Hermes seem to be the most expansive and desirable bag. Right now, I can't see why, maybe I'll change my mind later. I saw a lady wearing one in Las Vegas so I've seen them in person and still can't drool over it. That's just me.

    The bags that I've seen here that thought were stunning were the Spy bags, Channel, and the LV Le Fab. To me these bags are more stunning than the Hermes, but like I said that's just me.

    I'll like to know your opinion.
  2. I myself would like to someday get a Hermes Birkin. The bag is exclusive, handmade, and just the style of the bag. I understand for $7k plus seems outrageous but consider it an investment on yourself. Seems Silly but thats my Point of View.
  3. This comes up fairly often. . . just because it's the priciest handbag, certainly doesn't make it the most beautiful!
    It's all in the eye of the beholder. . . and my eyes prefer Chanel and Chloe the most! LOL!
    I don't ever see myself buying an Hermes, I just don't see the appeal either personally.
  4. Totally agree.
  5. I'm with you on the Hermes thing!! I don't really care for them....I am reserving the right to change my mind later though:biggrin:!!!!!!
  6. I do like some of the Kelly's, but some of the Birkin's are a bit clunky for my tastes.
    I definitely agree what is stunning to one girl is not to another. A lot of people apparently don't like Spy bags from the previous thread.
    I just go with what makes me happy.
  7. ^ I don't think I was in on that thread, but I don't care for Spys!

    All in the eye of the beholder! ;)
  8. Ditto. To me, the style is cute and all, but not spectacular. I understand the hardware is very expensive being gold, platinum, diamonds, etc. but the price is still too much.

    I dont favor Spys either. They are nice, but they also look like alien eggs (or something) to me somehow, lol.
  9. If one day I had the money to buy a Hermes I definatley would. But for right now considering I'm 21, work fulltime, and still live my mom, I couldn't see myself saving up that much money for one bag when I know I could buy 10-15 LV's for the price of one Birkin.
  10. It's just a matter of personal preference, but I would have to agree at this point - I'd rather buy a few of the larger ticket bags (spy, Chanel, le fab) rather than spend on an Hermes. I can't remember who has the fuschia kelly, but that is simply to die for though !!!
  11. Not right now for me! I have many other favorites.
  12. me too, i dont see myself ever buying a Hermes... i'd rather buy lots of LV bags and Balenciagas and Chanels instead! :amuse:
  13. Hermes certainly doesn't blow my skirt up. The prices are ridiculous (for the Kelly and Birkin models in particular) just so they can say they're "exclusive," and they look ghastly unless they're all fastened up. IMO there's nothing uglier in the handbag world than a Kelly or Birkin being kept open because it's a bother to close it up, and I think that's a major flaw in the design of the bags.

    A Fendi Spy is beautifully constructed and much fancier overall than anything Hermes makes. If I had the money to blow, I'd probably go with that one instead despite it's limited shelf life.
  14. I think my fav ones are definitely Chanel!! :biggrin:
    I love love chanel

    Then my second fav ones are LV and Hermes (btw I like the classic style to the Hermes)

    Then my third favs are Gucci

    Then Fendi
  15. my fave so far is balenciaga. maybe one day i would like a hermes but right now it doesn't appeal to me. not my style.