Opinion on shoes

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  1. Cute or "old lady"? I'm looking for medium heel, casual to dressy shoes to wear with slacks and white bag. I can't wear major heels, and I like the funky conical heels on these.

  2. Those are adorable!!!!!
  3. Cute!!
  4. Think they'd look OK with an MJ Sophia bag in white? I'm almost certain the shade of white will be slightly different. I have a semi-dressy brunch/bridal shower thing next Sunday, and was hoping to debut my white Sophia bag.
  5. ohh they are adorable...think the shades of white would be too different to pull off?
  6. Cute!
  7. I think they would look cute!
  8. I like them! Peep toes are so cute.
  9. I love em. I'd buy them just as an excuse to get a pedicure. lol
  10. Very Audrey Hepburn .... very pretty ...
  11. Those are so cute, I love them! If the bag and shoes are different shades of white, don't worry, no one will notice!
  12. Fabulous!
  13. Those could dress up an outfit easily!!! I love them!
  14. I like them! especially the heel, I am really into lower heels right now.
  15. Well, they're on their way now from Zappos. I'll let you know how they look and feel. They're DKNY, if anyone's interested in a pair.
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