opinion on rhinestones?

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  1. I recently bought a bunch of shirts with crystal rhinestones on them. Normally I think rhinestones are tacky, but the shirts I bought are kind of rock and roll with skulls or gothic designs on them. My mom saw them and she thought they were kind of tacky, which made me wonder if rhinestones are a big no no regardless of what they are on. Here are some pics of some of the stuff I bought, do you think the rhinestones make it look tacky?

  2. I like the bottom one but not sure about the other two. It may be that there's just a few too many of those two. I like rhinestones/crystals on things when it's done carefully like Great China Wall does so perfectly
  3. Not my thing - but with the right look they can look ok:yes:
  4. I used to hate rhinestones. :yucky: I too used to think they were super tacky. I'm from NY/LI too and rhinestones are everywhere out here in CA. So I caved... I got a Seven for all mankind Great Wall hoodie and it's got rhinestones all over the front and back and I fell in love with them. Then I got an Ed Hardy hoodie w/rhinestones all over the back. They kind of grow on you. Now I'm totally just getting into primp stuff, a little late I know, but they have a few rhinestones on their tanks and it's super cute.

    I love the last two shirts you got. I think they totally rock! I'm not really in love with the first one but if you like it, that's all that matters!! Is it returnable or final sale?
  5. from what I've read on here, most people here hate them. . .
    but I like a lot of them, they're very hip in the South.
    I have just one w/ our school mascot on it, everyone here wears a school shirt on Fridays {hardcore fans in Texas!}.
    I see them w/ skulls, crosses and everything else and I see beautiful hip women wearing them and casual young girls as well.
  6. i love rhinestones so for me those tops r cute
  7. I like the bottom two shirts. I'm not a big fan of the multi-colored rhinestones on the first one.
  8. I like rhinestones..not TOO many and for one, I would never have my phone/ipod/whatever bedecked in stones. However, I love the Primp thermals and jackets because they have a few scattered stones in them and it adds a nice touch to an otherwise boring shirt.
  9. I personally think they're kind of tacky on clothing. However, I also get the idea that I am quite a bit older than you so if I were thinking in terms of what a teenager could get away with, I think it could probably look cute.

    I've seen some hoodies with it on the back that I have thought actually don't look bad so...
  10. I love rhinestones! and if you like them, thats all that matters!
  11. The overall look of those tops remind me of some long sleeved tops I have that don't have rhinestones, but have abstract designs in "metallics."

    I'm old, so I tend toward a quieter rhinestone philosophy, like a single row of small ones round the neck of a top, or a couple scattered here and there on a denim jacket.

    I don't have any skull stuff, because frankly, I don't think it is going to still be in style in ten years, and I plan to be wearing the clothes I have now in ten years!
  12. I never used to like rhinestones as they always reminded me of someone who had gone mad with their Bedazzler, lol. But now I kind of like them. I have them on my sunglasses, on a pair of my jeans and on a few pairs of my shirts - but not as many as shown in the above ts!

    I'm sure they look great - and if you can rock it, then go you!
  13. I don't know about rhinestones when they're supposed to make out a pattern like that, but I loveovoeoevoevoevoevoe rhinestones/sequins/jewels when there's a ton of them, like on a dress.

  14. I love the first two! Especially the first one. Where did you buy it? Its hard to say with rhinestones...they can look either really tacky or super cute. I saw a tank with a few and it looked very tacky. But then a week later I saw a tee covered in them and it looked great. So :shrugs:
  15. Rhinestones, like most "trendy" items, aren't for everyone... But I say, if you can rock the look, more power to you! Those shirts are waaaay cute, IMO. :tup: