Opinion on puffer vests?

  1. I've seen the puffer vest look on several girls, and it looks pretty cute either with jeans or skirts for fall/winter. I'm a bit torn on them though, because obviously they're stuffed full of down and I feel like they make me look wide, even though I'm XS. Look at this girl from a JCrew ad to see what I mean:

    J.Crew > shop by category > outerwear > puffers > Goosedown puffer vest

    Is that just me? Am I being delusional? Or are puffer vests really that unflattering?
  2. I think they look cute on some people, depending on their style. I couldn't wear one, but It's not my style.
  3. Unless you are either very tall and slender, or so thin that family and friends throw an intervention and the tabloids write about you, a better choice might be a sort of "puffer-Inspired" look, with a lot of look and not a lot of puff.

    Sometimes names mean nothing, but other times, as in this case, they can make a lot of sense. ;)
  4. I think they are cute.

  5. Oh, do tell me what faux puffer vests you know of that give a lot of the look but no puff...!! :P
  6. Kind of like The Perfect Jeans, you just have to look at and try on squillions of them. Generally, what I would look for is a vest with the style of puffer vest stitching you like best, but with very thin stuffing. That will give you the look without adding bulk to the torso, which is what makes them look so much better on the tall, thin fashion models than on a healthy petite lady!
  7. My opinion is that they are BAD.
  8. Honestly, I think that it depends on your personal style. Puffer vests are somewhat of a sporty look. Personally, I can't get enough of them. I get compliments on them all the time. They are super comfortable and a great alternative to a sweater or even a jacket.
  9. I totally agree... any kind of puffy jacket or vest or coat is just not my style, sorry! I see SO many girls wearing them here, though, so I know not everyone agrees! Personally, I really feel you can get the same warmth from a jacket that's made of a more lightweight and thin material, but which packs a lot of warmth for its weight. My ski jacket is like that... it's super warm, but it is not puffy in the least.
  10. I wear one of those but it's not *that* puffy... idk it looks good on me, but I guess it's because I'm a tallish and slenderish type...? :shrugs: Also maybe because it's black so it's not as obvious.... I find that if you have a neutral coloured one (black, brown, beige or white), it looks better than colour (red, orange, green).

    But to each their own... some people just don't like it! :shame:
  11. as long as you can pull it off, i think they are great! true, they don't exactly look good on people with a larger figure. and if you have a large waist or tummy, i don't think it works either.
  12. I have a Kenneth Cole Reaction puffer vest that is actually REALLY flat. It has all the look of a puffer vest, but none of the volume. Mine looks very similar to this:

  13. Vince and Juicy Coutier have really cute vests this season....JCrew seems a bit frumpy. You can certainly find a more dressier fitted vest. I saw a really cute white vest @ Brown Eyed Girl in SF this evening.