Opinion on Plume


Is it a good choice for a first major daily bag?

  1. Yes

  2. No (please say why!)

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  1. Ladies, I have a Rouge vif Fjord Plume 31 on hold for me. I love the size and everything but does anyone have an opinion on this?

    I don't know how it would hold up through time and daily use! :hysteric:
  2. Bumping this up Perja.

    And yes, I think if I had to do things differently, I'd opt for a Plume for my first manjor daily bag.

    Love the handles which means I can sling it, and the 31 size is a lot easier to cope with than a JPG Birkie.
  3. Perja, I am sorry I can't be of help. I have never held a Plume bag, but I understand it is very functional since you can carry it on your shoulder.
  4. I have the 28 and love it! The 32(?) would be a little large for me for everyday - are you planning on using it as a tote? I think the shape isn't as good if thinks would be sticking out of the top...kwim? Just a thought - if it's for a daily handbag to hold lots of stuff, probably work perfect! I love the style it's one of my favorites! And rouge vif - yummy!
  5. Hmmm...Plume 32cm sounds good~! Shoes319, does it fit on your shoulder...? I need to fit alot of stuff with 2 kids when I am out with kids. And we are thinking about having another kid next year...So, I keep my eyes for a big Hermes bag as well (not in Birkins/Kellys for this purpose!)

  6. I don't have a Plume...
    Maybe i will get 1 raisin Plume if I can't find a birkin in Paris :graucho:
  7. katyc-That's a good idea! I just learned that Raisin is discontiued!!!!!!! Oh...I should get something in raisin as well soon!
  8. I love the Plume but unfortunately, I let my love of the shape influence my buying decision. My mini Plume (20cm) is the perfect little bag for lunch with the girls or dinners out. But, I never wear it because it is raisin with cyclamen piping (not good colors for me). So, I would definitey buy another some day in a different color!
  9. Plumes are lovely, Perja and a wonderful first Hermes daily bag. I wonder if anyone knows how the Fjord leather does in this construction? Slouchy?

    Also Perja, how tall are you? I find that a 32cm on me (5'3") looks too much like luggage because of the boxy shape. I do much better with 28's or the Plume Elan's.
  10. I have nothing to add about plume..they are indeed lovely!
    I would looove a bicolor plume! add some twist to the classic style.
  11. The Plume is awesome and it's Hermes' lightest day bag. SOO, the combo of the lightweight Plume construction and Fjord leather (heavier, durable, good in rain) makes this a winner in my book. AND Rouge Vif on Fjord is just amazing. It's so rich a vibrant on Fjord.
  12. OH Perja! What a lovely combination! I think the Rouge VIF in Fjord will be TDF, and I like the Plume for a daily bag. Per my SA, the straps aren't really meant for shoulder carrying--more of a handbag; she says if you were to carry it on your shoulder the shape may make it a bit bulky under the arm.
  13. shopmom, I'm 5ft9 so a bigger bag is no problem for me.

    orchids, I don't intend to use it as a shoulder bag but if I need to free up a hand, I can, so that's no trouble as well.

    It felt pretty light but who knows with the crap I manage to lug around in my bags? :nuts:
  14. It definitely is a light bag - much lighter even than my bolide 31! Mine is chamonix...I love it! You can carry the bigger size much better as well (I'm 5'2")...Good luck!
  15. Ya' know, D, I've never seen a slouchy Plume. And I've seen it in all sizes and leathers. Hmmmm, nope, never seen one.