Opinion on Paypal?

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  1. Do you make purchases through Paypal or do you shy away from companies that use it?
  2. Hi! I purchase on eBay all of the time and have never, ever had a problem with paypal. I even returned an item and got my credit via PayPal (although that took a few days longer than normal to show up). But, I am confident that it is safe.

  3. eBay is good for buyers . Not so good for sellers because it's east for a buyer to sqeal and get their money back. PErfect if you;ve been scammed but even a dishonest buyer can use one of paypal's loopholes to get their money back. Sellers also have to pay fees on the ebays monies they received through paypal
  4. I am not using paypal as a seller anymore - its too much hassle
  5. I am with ya'll, never had a problem with Paypal.

    I think many are unjustly skeptical though.

    With Paypal I recieve the purchase but yet never have access to any credit card information, which I like both as a retailer and as a consumer.

    I have purchased online before through companies that use there own "merchant account" where you have to fill out all the personal account information and later have called to make a purchase and they just use my credit card information on file. Why did they keep that information? That's scary. I think the confidentiality of Paypal is much safer.
  6. I agree w/ MissThing... paypal is great for buyers, but unfortunately not the same way for sellers.

    I often purchase items from websites based overseas using paypal, which is much more convenient, and never had any problems.
  7. I buy on eBay, don't sell, and I've found it relatively easy to use. But I've been fortunate with mostly cooperative, professional sellers. No complaints.
  8. I have never had a problem with my Paypal or eBay account. knock on wood!

    My friend is a major Ebay seller she was telling me that your Paypal password should include a digit and some type of character like &*_#

    example: ^purselover^123

    There have been some Paypal accounts compromised because of a program that can find out passwords that only contain letters. She suggest you use a digit and now a charecter just to be ahead of the technology of finding passwords. Does this make sense?
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