Opinion on Orange Glazed CC?

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  1. I :heart: Orange and am a bit interested in this bag.

    Has anyone seen this IRL or anything in the orange glazed caviar?


  2. In the reference library there is a thread where all the red bags are kept and Savanah has some absolutely stunning pictures of this bag!!! I think this is a good bag - it's Chanel, and it's practical!!

    Kind of expensive though ---> more than US$3,200!! :Push:
  3. It is beautiful
  4. maxter, i have this bag and the color is just beautiful IRL. It's not really orange, it's more like a brick red. you can use this color all year around. it's also very roomy. I love it so much I also got one in black. here are some pics:
  5. Savannah, thanks for the extra pics. Now i'm really curious to see the color IRL! It looks really easy to just sling over your shoulder and go.

    Congrats on the bag - it looks beautiful!!!
  6. :heart: :heart: :heart: Savannah!!

    maxter - I think I saw these at my local NM a few days ago...
  7. Nordstrom Seattle has the caviar accordian flap in this color! I love it!!
  8. the colour is very pretty and the bag looks practical!
  9. LOVE the color and bag!!!
  10. It's a orange red IMO. Very pretty.
  11. ohhh...I'm a sucker for that color.
  12. I love, LOVE, love this bag! Its gorgeous IRL. I love it in the black & the white too. The white is really stunning, but white always scares me a little!
  13. There are a lot of things that I like about this bag. The shape and size are ideal. I like the minimal hardware and the double zippers. I like the texture and quilting. The color is good. The overall style is classic and would be great for everyday use. It is a very ulilitarian bag which helps to justify the price.
  14. I love that one too! :okay:
  15. I'm normally not a "color" type of person but this orange is to die for! It is a glorious, rich color and I keep thinking I need any bag in that color! Go for it!!!