Opinion on my hair extensions

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  1. Hello, I just got these hair extensions and I feel wierd--I always carry may hair short. I feel really funny, but I'm going to Orlando for a week and didn't feel like bothering with my hair everyday so I got hair extensions.

    What do you guys think.
  2. I think you look beautiful!!!! Have fun on your trip.:yes:
  3. They look fabulous on you!!! Enjoy your time in Orlando!! :party:
  4. ohhh, thank you guys are so sweet.
  5. Looks good.. nothing funny abt it... Have fun in Orlando... you'll get away from the Houston heat... and get right into the Orlando heat! :beach:

  6. OMG, I know--I'm not looking forward to that. My sister in law is here on vacation from the Virgin Islands and she wants to take her kids to Disney World so we might as well take her now that she's here, but I'm just thinking about that heat on the theme parks:sad: :
  7. You look GREAT! It looks natural!

    I lived in Houston for a long time BTW!
    My DH and I bought our first home together and were married in Bellaire!
  8. I like it, enjoy yourself in Orlando!
  9. Fantastic look for you !! enjoy. :heart:
  10. pretty!!!!
  11. First of all....you're just plain gorgeous! :yes:

    Secondly...the extensions look great! :flowers:

    Have a blast on your trip!
  12. Your hair looks beautiful! It's very natural looking.
  13. Looks good, I wouldn't have known they were extensions.
  14. You hair looks good and you are really pretty! Enjoy Orlando!
  15. i thank they look fab. i especially like you bangs. have fun!
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