Opinion on Mulberry Phoebe

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  1. I was wondering what people's opinions were on this bag? I have shyed away from Mulberry because their bags seems so heavy and the leather stiff. But I saw someone carrying the Phoebe and it was so cute! Just curious what all of your opinions on this bag is.
  2. Mulberry is a great bag maker - the leather is amazing - If you are interested in a Phoebe, they are on sale right now at Saks.com !
  3. I got mine from a purse forum that I emailed for advice on Mulberry and it is gorgeous! I love it! It's the one bag that got me over my Dior Saddle fetish. I love to look at it, and it's been getting softer with use.
  4. I have an oak phoebe and it's a great bag. It's not a super light bag, but not super heavy either. The leather is nice and thick and substantial. It's great on the shoulder.

    The only thing is get them on sale. They always come down during sales. Never pay full price for one. Like Suzy said, they're on sale at Saks right now!
    DSC00059.JPG DSC00061.JPG DSC00060.JPG

    Black and nude{?} is on sale at Saks for $585!
  6. I think I may end up taking the plunge- now, which color?? I have lots of brown bags (chocolate bulga, tan andrea brueckner, camel BR hobo) and a black Kooba lucy and black GD Charlotte.
  7. My favourite is the oak. It is a very versatile colour and would be good for the summer and the autumn
  8. do you know if nude is oak? thanks!
  9. Nude is lighter than Oak in color, but IMO they are both equally neutral (does that make sense)?


    The Nude will probably show dirt sooner than the Oak.
  10. Yes the nude is lighter than the oak - have to say I prefer the oak though agree that they are pretty neutral. The oak just looks more expensive somehow!!