Opinion on mini/medium convertible bag color

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  1. Thank you PurseMojo for all the info. I am so glad to hear you love it and that there's not really anything that makes you crazy (in a bad way) about the bag. I am so going to have a dilemma on color. I might actually do chartreuse cuz I have a tangerine Veneta and that thing is nuclear bright. It's not neon but just very saturated verging on too bright for me tho. I also like the blue but have electrique so hmm. Ebano and Nero would be great choices too tho. So versatile year round. Sigh. I'm eyeing the Olimpia with fringe too so I'm in trouble. And then there's metallics. I need to win the lottery.

    Oh you're not alone on the whole carrying experience. My quetsche Veneta is so soft it's nice to touch. LOL
  2. The colors you are considering sound delicious. I think you have to see them IRL to really know. I am a big accessory gal so my clothes tend to be more understaated in color. I think you should wear some of your favorite colors when you try the bag. I found this bag in particular to have a personality of it's own so see what fits best for you. I have pasted below a photo from the PurseBlog of Charlese Theron and Angela Simmons from UpScale Hype wearing the larger style of the convertible in the nero. My thought is that it just looks 'so right' with so many different styles.

  3. I wear a lot of neutral colors in plainer styles, and admittedly a lot of black. Could be why I like my bags in color. And I like color but tend to shy away from a lot of hardware. That's why BV is great for me. You're right, I just need to see the colors in store and ponder. Thanks for the pics. The larger size would be an overnight bag for me.
  4. Hi pursemojo thanks for all the great info. Could we see a modeling shot or two of you with your bag to get idea of size and how it hangs in the smaller version? Thanks again!!
  5. I saw it today in new grey and nero. It is absolutely perfect. X
  6. Hi PurseMojo,
    Have you found that the bottom of the bag sags when you put things in it and it becomes more of a thin/flat bag? Also, do you think that over time, the side clasps will loosen and no longer work?
    Thank you for your input! I love the look of this bag (the mini size) and would love to get an opinion from someone who already has the bag!
  7. I have been wearing the bag for months now and no sagging at all. The bag still looks brand new although I have carried it in the rain and have not always been as careful as I should be. Also, for the side clasps...they are as tight as the day I bought the bag. And I have been wearing the bag in the different ways one can.
    Oftentimes, I rotate my bags and retire them for months at a time....not this one. Love it..love it! I know you will too.

  8. Hi there, I am so happy to hear this info too. Thanks for sharing. If it's possible would you share with us what can fit inside or how it looks when worn on yourself? Tia
  9. thanks for your input!
  10. I tried on both sizes tonite & love both. Unfortunately I can only get one. I'm 5'4". I love the slouchy look of the large one which makes it a bit more casual where the smaller one could go either way. The large color was brown which I think is ebano and the small one was anthracite.I hate these decisions!!