Opinion on mini/medium convertible bag color

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  1. Hello, I am determined to get one of the new smaller sized convertible bags. I'm just debating between ebano and black. I've had BVs in both colors and currently carry an ebano wallet everyday.
    Does anyone think the new mini/medium convertible bag looks particularly great in either color? Which on you find to be more versatile?
    Let me know your vote. Thanks in advance!
  2. I am interested in that bag as well . Always liked the larger one, but thought it would be too big. Talked to Kevin today and he said they don't have any in yet. I do like the nero on the BV website, but I have so many dark bags. Would love to see what colors are coming out in that bag.
  3. I am interested in this bag as well. The bigger size is too huge for me, only 5'1".
    If this makes a diff to you, I was told it will be available in Nero, ebano, rosa shock, signal blue, and a burnt red/orange - I don't know the BV name. I'm waiting to see the burnt red/orange.

    I tried on Nero and ebano. Even my hubby who is now used to seeing my electrique Veneta said Nero and ebano were almost too boring. But if you want a classic color that's a year round staple, I think either color would work.
  4. I *might* have seen the "burnt red/orange" in the Scottsdale boutique yesterday; the SA showed me a medium veneta in an orange that he called "sun" that he said is the new orange for fall. It is not close to red. I would call it light pumpkin, an orange with plenty of yellow and some brown in it. It's MUCH more subdued than the tangerine, a much lighter, more golden color.

    The rosa shock is quite vibrant--the pink equivalent of tangerine, in term of saturation and brightness. I am taken with signal blue, which is a brighter, slightly lighter electrique. The boutique will supposedly get one each of the metallic cervos later this week; I plan to stop in to see them. (They are calling the metallics they will get "espresso" and a metallic "light gray." Can't wait to see both.)
  5. Please ask if you can photo the light gray metallic. I'm dying to see it and I live in the middle of nowhere. I envy your proximity to BV but if I were closer, I'd probably be in trouble! :smile:
  6. Will do! I don't stop in to the boutique often: I don't live or work in Scottsdale, so can avoid temptation--until summer hits. :graucho:
  7. I'm wondering if the color is burnt red or ruggine according to TDL's spring/summer color breakdown. I've seen sun and the Veneta the sa showed me for color was not sun. But I don't know what season the colors are from so I don't know if burnt red or ruggine is it. I googled ruggine and the link said russet and that sounds close to the color I saw.

  8. Rouggine or ruggine (my SA in Las Vegas spelled it with an o) is a low sheen metallic rust color. I have a knot bracelet and lanyard in Rouggine. David in Carmel said he was not aware of Rouggine being more widely available. I posted photos in a reveal a couple of weeks ago. Sun is definitely a light pumpkin color.
  9. I searched for your post and found it and it's very close to the color I saw. But having said that I don't think the Veneta was metallic. I searched for burnt red on the BV website and the nappa gloves looked too light but it's so hard to tell with diff lighting etc. who knows.
    The other items in burnt red looked close. I need to find out that color name.
  10. I have seen this mini convertible in the early fall colors, new light gray, rosa shock, new chartreuse, signal blue, etc. I guess the burnt red you are referring to is a color similar to brique.
  11. I have the "mini" convertible in Nero and adore it. I think it shows the weave beautifully in black and it is a timeless classic. I don't think you can go wrong with any color in this bag but my thinking is that I am going to want to not be limited with color as I am going to wear it a lot. Just beautiful.
  12. Someone who has this bag, yay! Do you carry it both by hand and shoulder? What do you think of the comfort of holding it? Is it comfortable when fully loaded? How do you usually carry it? It looks like it would hold as much as a large Veneta? Do you think it's close? Sorry with the questions but I'm so excited that someone has this bag. I looked at it in rosa, Nero and ebano and I think I saw someone with the blue.
  13. The sa I asked said it was coming in the same color as a Veneta she showed me. I searched for convertible on the BV website and the 'regular' size is available in aubergine so I wonder if that was the color. I just need to ask my regular sa.
    What did you think of the chartreuse? I'm not sure I'd do that but it seems fun.
  14. I think aubergine is the purplish color. I wish it is burgundy as aubergine is not my cup of tea.

    Chartreuse is actually quite pretty in real life. It is a happy color. I won't buy a bag in the color, but it may be worthwhile to consider it for a SLG.


  15. YES, i do carry it both by the shouldar and the hand as well as in the crook of my arm. My preferred way is to droop down and fasten the sides and then hold the handles in my hand. You may laugh, but my primary reason for that is how delicioulsy sumptuous the leather feels in my hand but also, I like the way it looks and how I can see it when I walk past a store window or look down at it. So ridiculously vain, huh?

    And yes, it does hold the same (or more) as a large Veneta. The major difference is that everything is much more accessible as I usually leave the zippers open. So no pulling it off my shouldar and then digging into the bottom of the purse.

    This one is a keeper...I have always loved the larger version but unfortunately am not tall enough to carry it off. BV really did some of their best work with the design of this bag.