Opinion on matching logo purse & shoes

  1. I have a pair of loafers & was wondering if I got the matching purse would it be too much? I have the loafers below but with white stitching, opinions?

  2. i have a matching bag and shoes and i wear them both...just not on the same day!!! that's too matchy, imo.
  3. I do but only with sneakers and wristlets.
  4. loafers/sneakers with a wristlet would be really cute shuagfox!
  5. i agree that it'd be a little too "matchy" (personally) if the bag & the shoes matched perfectly
  6. No it wouldn't be too much - just as long as the rest of your outfit was pretty understanded and neutral (think - khaki sig shoes/handbag with dark blue jeans and maybe a brown blazer or black sig shows/handbag with black skirt/white blouse).

    I say play around with it and see what you like.
  7. I think it would be too matchy as well.
  8. If it's just the bag and shoes.....I say it's okay. It really depends on the color, size and style of both bag and shoes though. Just don't go matching more with other accessories.
  9. I would think it would look alright. I was going to get a denim resort bag & the matching flats...but didn't get neither. But it would have looked oh so cute!
  10. i wore matching coach shoes and bag like once but that was because i was really lazy and didnt have time to change bags.
  11. I think those would look okay together ... I have a set of matching pink shoes/purse and don't wear those together, but a neutral color would look good! :yes:
  12. the only time i do it is with the little light blue coach low heeled summer sandals i have with a little wristlet or light colored bag. the blue of the sandal isn't too obviously matchy with a little or light bag. otherwise?overkill. too much of a great thing.
  13. I agree.
  14. I don't think it'll be too matchy at all, I think it'll look great, IMO
  15. I love to match. When I get a new bag I always try to get the matching shoes for the bag. But they don't always make matching shoes for a bag.