opinion on jumbo bracelet and necklace


Aug 14, 2006
wanted to know if anyone have either and if so do the dye come off the leather ,does it unhook itself also .
any pict are welcome .
Do u think the Hapi 3m would be better :confused1:
I have a jumbo necklace in a natural/brownish color. Love it. I have not noticed any color transfer problem, and it has never unhooked itself. I don't have a bracelet, however.
I have the Jumbo Bracelet in PM and it fits perfectly and has never come off. It doesn't sit lose on my wrist though (not too tight either, but just right).

I have the necklace and when I first got it, it did in fact unhook itself once or twice but now it seems to 'know' my neck and doesn't come off either.

My bracelet is in black, there are no problems iwth the colour coming off. The necklace is in natural.

I have the Hapi as well but am thinking about getting rid of it as I am not getting as much enjoyment out of it as I was hoping to.