Opinion on GST Pocket Stitching!

  1. A friend of mine received her very first Chanel, the GST from her DH for her b-day. She noticed that the stitching on the back pocket does not all line up (see pic). Please advise if this is normal that some stitching don't line up, or do you think she should exchange it? Please share your expert opinion! ;)
  2. I can't see the pics, just red x's.
  3. I re-attached the pic again. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!;)
  4. Hmm, I just checked my black GST and the stitching is perfectly aligned. I hate to suggest this, but is your friend's bag real? Where was it purchased? It may be the angle of the pic but the bag doesn't look boxy like the GST. The sides/corners are rounded and the straps look too short, unless again, it is the angle of the picture that's distoring things.
  5. Hmmm I definitely read somewhere that on authentic bags the stitching is always supposed to line up (a bit harder to gauge on the flaps, but since this is a tote it should line up visibly and easily).

    When you pay that much for a bag it should be damn near perfect. I suggest having her take it in and letting her SA take a look at it and hopefully get an exchange.
  6. She went with her DH at Neiman Marcus in San Francisco, that's where they purchased it last month. She still has the receipt! So, do you suggest that she should exchange it?
  7. I think she should definitely exchange it as long as she can still validly do so with the receipt.
  8. I told her to exchange it, but here's 2-more pictures of her GST.
    gst1.JPG gst2.JPG
  9. Okay, those are better photos and NM sells authentic Chanel. The quality has certainly declined as supply has increased to meet demand. This would bother me lots especially at the new price (I paid $1650 for my GST last October at Saks.) of $1850. She should exchange it for another with perfect stitching.
  10. Misalignment is obvious and the drop of handle seems too long. I don't want to walk around with that bag even if it's authentic.
  11. Thanks everyone! My friend went back to NM today with her DH and exchanged her GST. She got one with PERFECT stitching! DH inspected that all stitching lined up correctly to make sure that they are getting exactly what they paid for, and now she's very happy! :tup:
  12. Good for her. I agree, for that kind of money the bag should be perfekt!
  13. I'm glad she exchanged it.

    I just looked at mine and they do line up perfectly.

    It's a fab bag.