Opinion on eva

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  1. I've noticed on the pochettes and evas that their zippers extend and attach onto the strap/chain used for the bag. For me, i find that looking abit flimsy and doesn't look that great. Plus the fact it attaches to the strap, it makes me think that the weight from the bag would eventually pull the zipper and break it off from the bag.
    Has anyone had issues with the zippers of the pochettes and evas because of that?
    and does anybody else think it looks kind of "cheap" or not made well because of this particular design eva and pochettes have.
    I'm trying to decide whether i want a milla or an eva except i like the eva has the additional long shoulder strap and its alot bigger. Although milla seems to be made alot better- with microfibre lining and the chain attaches to a ring thats on the side of the bag (not attached to the zipper like the eva&pochettes)
    Also are evas too awkward to use inside bags? I'm not a girl who uses clutches/evning bags much, so i would want to try to maximise the use on a day-to-day basis.
  2. The only items I can fit in my Eva are my powder, lipstick, ZCP, iPhone and keys. I'm not worried about the Eva weighing in because she's a very light bag. And with those items in it, it doesn't feel like she's heavy at all. I will go for the Eva as I think she's quite durable.

    Good luck.
  3. thanks for ur reply, do u ever use ur eva inside ur bigger handbag? Im not too sure how practical it would be to use it inside a handbag, as it might seem awkward.
    And also, do u find the strap/chain pulling on the zipper an issue? It just worries me that the strap/chain hangs off the end of the zipper instead of hanging off the bag itself.
  4. I use my Eva inside my work bag to hold my keys, pens and other items everyday now. I just take the leather strap off and the gold chain strap on the same ring. It feels like just having a bigger pochette in the bag and to me, it doesn't feel awkward at all. My plan is to use my Eva this way as soon as I get my Mon Monogram Speedy 30 since the Speedy only have one pocket inside. And then use the strap of my Eva on to the Speedy so I can use it as a cross body bag. This is the main reason why I bought the Eva.

    I don't see the strap/chain pulling on the zipper an issue at all. Like in my previous message, you can only put so much in an Eva that the bag will still feel very light.

    I hope this helps.

  5. I have used Eva's inside other bags too, but it's not ideal. The size especially... it's really more of an evening bag. I didn't do it for long, it just wasn't right, for me anyway. I have had 2 Evas and sold them both. I still have my Milla MM :smile: LOVE that bag... I would recommend getting that. It is a great evening/errands clutch as well as cosmetic pouch inside other bags (I use it for that every day), and it does feel more luxurious with that interior. I have seen a pic where someone added a vachetta strap to the Milla and that even looked great. The extra zipper fabric on the Eva bothered me too. Not for quality just for appearance. Here is a comparison shot. Eva on top Milla on the bottom. Good luck deciding!


  6. The Milla looks like it's good. Does it come with a leather strap?
  7. Nope just the chain... but I've seen a pic of a vachetta strap attached (it was probably off of an Eva, haha!) and it looked great. However for me the chain it has is long enough for shoulder wear and it works - great functional little item.
  8. I love my eva. I do not have any issues with the zipper extending into the strap. I have also used it inside my bigger work bags and it is not awkward at all. It is a great bag and i find it very useful.
  9. May i ask how u use it as a bag inside ur work bag? I'm not usually the type to be organised with purses so i don't keep my bits and pieces inside other bags except for my keys because i always seem to forget to bring them or i cant find them in my bag lol. Do u think using it to keep pens and bits would be risky because pens might leak?
  10. I use it to keep my essentials like zcp with money, id, and credit cards, keys, id badge for work, lip gloss or lip stick. That way, if i step put for lunch or to run errands, i only have to pull out my eva. I do not use it as much as a purse prganizer as much as i do a 'just the necessities' bag.
  11. Eva would be a fine catchall inside a larger tote bag, like a work/recycle tote or a shopper. But for daily use inside another purse, MILLA hands down. Gorgeous.
  12. I think my Eva was a great buy. For night outs, I use it as a clutch, while for the daytime.. I put it into my bigger bags to organize smaller things. It doesn't bother me at all.
  13. I actually really want a Eva. Idk what color tho I need to decide soon tho. What's the price of the Eva I can't look online I'm on my iPhone
  14. i don't see the problem of using Eva or Milla as pouchette inside a larger bag. Why would it be awkward? You just fill it with things and then toss it inside your other bag.

    The Milla is lovely and streamlined while the Eva looks better than the Milla when you use it as a crossbody bag IMO. Both are great as evening bags/clutches.

    The price of the Milla MM is 300 euros (US $470) and the price of the Eva is 415 euros (US $650.00)
  15. Eva has been a bag that has surprised me, I bought it because I was going to amusement parks and I didn't want to carry a bag needed the body strap. The ebene damier is perfect, super durable. Perfect bag for a night out I carry my keys, iphone, compact, lipstick and gloss, money and cards. I'm glad I bought it, also when I carry a larger than normal bag I always carry eva inside. To me it is worth it, plus price is good compared to wallets.