opinion on epi segur MM

  1. i havent seen anything on Epi Segur MM, would love to have your thoughts on this as Im about to receive one post christmas
  2. i've always adore the Segur PM and MM. Congrats :tup:
  3. thanks ms p, glad to have your assurance... was wondering why this model hasnt been discussed much.
  4. Probably because epi handbags are understated for LV, and the Segurs are the most understated of all epi bags. They don't seem to attract much attention. I have the PM in myrtille blue and love it, although it doesn't hold much (but then I don't carry all that much around). The MM is probably a more useful size for most people. The Segurs strike me as having that sort of well-bred restraint where you don't remember exactly what someone was wearing, only that they looked very nicely put together ... classics, but easy classics, kwim?

    I'm sure you'll love your MM. What colour is she?
  5. The Segur PM is one of my favorite bags of LV! Really chic, classy and a little understated, what i love! Go for it!
  6. I've always like the Segur bags. I think they are really cute and different. I do think I like the PM more than the MM but that's just because I'm small, lol! Congrats on getting one!
  7. I like the Segur MM. It is surprisingly big and can fit a laptop in. I was considering it between Passy GM, but I got the Passy in the end. In retrospect I should have gotten this bag, it can close, and the handles are flat, my shoulder won't be so pain. And I like the teeny bit of bling the lock offers.
  8. I have the Segur PM and it's a pretty bag for going out. The MM is a much more functional size but it didn't work out for me because it was awkward under my arm.
  9. I have been looking all over for mytille blue, if anyone saw it, please let me know which store has it, thanks!