Opinion on durability of textured leather Rockstud heels??

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    I've heard a lot about how the leather on the non-patent Rockstud pointed caged heels is NOT durable at all and get scuffed even on the first wear, and how the patent leather is a much better option as this is more durable. However, I don't find the patent heels comfortable at all! I'm looking at alternatives instead. I just bought a textured leather version which looks a bit more durable, but debating on whether to keep them. Does anyone have any experience with the wear and tear on the textured leather? I believe they're pebbled calf leather.

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  2. I have 2 pairs of pebbled leather heels and a pair of the smooth calf heels. I wouldn't call any of them particularly delicate, but if the smooth ones were to get a scratch or scuff, like if I unthinkingly cross my feet and the studs on one shoe rubs against the other, it probably would be more noticeable than if they were pebbled. I haven't noticed much of a problem with my smooth pair, but then again, mine are black (noir), and I am careful when crossing my feet. I also haven't worn them all that often. I think my pebbled pairs will hold up well to that sort of thing, along with ordinary wear. They've been in rotation with my other shoes for a few months, and I haven't noticed any problems with them.
  3. I have one pebbled pair of caged flats, and they've held up well, but i don't wear them very often. I also am very careful with the tips of the shoes, as this is where I do get damage-any pointy toe shoes that are not patent leather. I usually have the cobbler but a tip on the shoe, which generally helps.