Opinion on Chloe studded boots

  1. if they suit your style go for it.....
  2. I personally love these boots!
  3. jellybebe - I agree, they are very expensive! However, if you can afford them and they suit your style, I say go for them. They've proven their staying power, IMHO. "Style" nowadays is so fluid, anyway, and more about personal style than what's in fashion. That's what I told myself. :smile:
    I got the beige after much mental dickering. I tend to dress simply and conservatively but love the unexpected in footware.

    They do run large. I am a 39 with wide feet and in narrow or shorter shoes can go up to a 39.5/40. I got a 39 in these and they are perfect. The leather is very soft and the boots are extremely well made. Hope this helps you justify the price!

    Would love to see modeling pictures with the beige ones if anyone has any!
  4. I am sure Pam doesn't wear the Susan on this pic but the BRONX Office Manic (Susan like from 2008)! I know at all my Susan!
  5. Oh that's a little embarrassing! Thanks for correcting me. But the overall look is nice anyway.
  6. I think they could totally be an investment piece especially if you get them in black or beige. Honestly, the black and gold combo never goes out of style and I'm pretty sure beige isn't going anywhere either. The red and gold combo might be a little more trendy...plus it's harder to match with your outfits.
  7. not a fan, but that's cuz theyre not my taste
  8. I think YOU need them :graucho:
  9. I would wait, I think they will definitely go on sale. Not my style, but they look cute on the model.
  10. On sales? The susanna? Hard to imagine!
  11. i know.. i don't think this will go on sale.... they are already sold out in a lot of stores...
    geez... im trying to be good in not getting one... im on a major ban...
    but what if i never get the chance to get it?
  12. I agree, why would they go on sale if these shoes are being sold out in many places?
  13. I broke my ban and ordered a pair!!! I am such a loser!!! Lol!
  14. No, just the winner who Will wear a collector item! Which color and Sz?
  15. black and size 39.
    i was hoping to get a 39.5 but it wasn't available.
    im a true size 10 US. i hope i got the right size....