Opinion on chanel pink coat Paris in Rome Please

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  1. Hi,

    I have my eyes on this coat when my SA showed it to me last week. But the one she had that time was not my size (2 sizes too big). I just got a text from her that she now has it on my size- last one!

    Could I please have some opinion this style please? Do you think I should go for it? thank you

  2. I'm not sure where, but someone on this forum already bought that coat and she showed pictures of how it could be worn! It looked great, so definite thumbs up from me.
  3. It's a beautiful coat. But I don't know how tall you are. For me, being short I think a coat like this will make me looks very boxy because of the print on the coat.
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  5. It's a gorgeous coat overall, however I'm not too keen on the shorter sleeves..
  6. +1
  7. I love the coat and the shorter sleeves, totally my style :heart:
  8. I would go for it! It's gorgeous. If it's your style and you know you would wear it, why not? :biggrin:
  9. Hopefully our friend Vanana can chime in about this bc she just bought this same coat and loves it!! I do too, I would totally rock this, very classy and timeless IMHO.
  10. I think it's gorgeous
  11. Go for it, it's gorgeous and versatile. :heart:
  12. Incredibly STUNNING! If the shorter sleeves do not bother you, go for it!!
  13. Yeah check out Vanana's reveal. I went in to try it on after I saw the reveal. It is an amazing piece but the style in somehow didn't work out for me :smile:
  14. Thanks for your input
  15. I'm 164cm / 5'5" :sad: yes its boxiness makes me think twice. I'm going to try it on tomorrow and will take some pics. Thanks for your help