Opinion on Chanel long wallets

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  1. Hi friends,

    How does everyone feel about Chanel long flap wallets in terms of quality and functionality? I'm debating to get a long flap wallet (not the bifold but more the accordion style) and not sure if I should opt for one from Chanel (caviar) or LV (i.e. sArah wallet).

    Thanks for any thoughts!
  2. In the last few months I believe I "sampled" every size wallet Chanel sells. I even asked my dear SA at BG, who has a long-term relationship with Chanel in general, what wallet did he suggest. I took his advice and purchased the timeless classic LONG zip around wallet in black quilted lambskin with SHW and burgundy interior. It is also available in caviar leather, GHW, etc. I absolutely ADORE my long wallet and have zero regrets. 1) it literally can carry an iPhone 6+, if needed, 2) be used as a small clutch if necessary, 3) I am able to store a pen inside the zip compartment. This prevents a potential accident if I just left a pen floating in my jumbo classic flap and God forbid it began to leak. A wallet is a bit easier to replace than a damaged pink lambskin classic flap with a pool of blue ink on the bottom. But I digress... Here is a link to a picture of my wallet that includes an internal view too. I :heart::heart::heart: this wallet!!



    Much luck with your decision.
    Please keep us posted!✨✨✨
  3. I've had both the zip around and the Sarah. I just sold them both. If I had to choose one it would be the zip. Like plumeria said, I liked putting my phone in it and using it by itself. I kind of got tired of the zipper though and not very refined looking.
  4. I'm also looking for a black long wallet and am thinking of getting the same one. Do you mind sharing the price and how much the makeup case was? Thanks missy
  5. @coxswain, may I ask why you decided to sell your Sarah?
    Thanks for taking the time to respond!
  6. I hadn't really used it in a good five years. I definitely used my Chanel zip around more. Plus my favorite bags are a small flap and small reissue. I considered getting the new, smaller version of the Sarah. It was cute. In the end, I bought a man's wallet. Plenty of slots, no frills.

  7. 1) Wallet: $1,125 USD (that includes either caviar or lambskin); 8 cc slots, 2 bill slots, a center zipped compartment that some might consider keeping coins in; I do not because I think that soils the beautiful burgundy textile as well as adding additional weight to the wallet itself and, in turn, your handbag; plus ample space on both sides of the zip compartment; this is where I keep my driver's license and health insurance cards.

    2) Cosmetic Case: $600 USD (a few have been recently posted to the Shopping Forum under Boutique/Dept store finds; I believe it may also come in caviar)

    I must admit, I do agree with "coxswain1" that the zip-around part can become somewhat annoying. Perhaps it takes time getting use to? However, I definitely love a gusseted wallet. I think "Jc.chen58" might have it right with a flap gusseted wallet. Yet my only pause is that it might take-up a bit more space in my jumbo classic flaps than a straight zip-around wallet since the flap protrudes a bit further out?

    Ultimately my SLG strategy was "how to pack everything I needed into a jumbo classic double flap handbag". The zip-around wallet + the 2 cosmetic cases (I have a number of medical conditions that require I always carry certain medications, etc., plus a TON of other stuff one might be surprised:nuts:) + a hankerchef + 2 pairs of Chanel eyeglasses (sunnies and reading) in soft cases, ALL fit like a perfect puzzle into my jumbo CFs leaving nothing loose to scratch the leather interior of my handbag, nor is my CF stuffed "like a turkey". :smile:
  8. Thanks everyone! I went to LV and felt the Sarah, it's heavier and bulkier than I expected! I wonder if a Chanel long wallet which is relatively the same size would feel that bulky. I like the feel of the Emilie wallet (Empreinte) but the only 4 card slots is not ideal.
  9. Thanks for the information
    I have to text my sa in the morning and see if the cosmetic is still available. I think it's just the cutest thing!
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  10. FWIW: I upgraded from a Louis Vuitton Curieuse Monogram Empreinte Leather wallet in Noir to the Chanel blank lambskin zip around wallet. For me, personally, the difference in pure elegance and luxurious "feel" is not comparable.
  11. OP,
    My favorite question!
    I have both the Chanel accordion "Sarah" (not the trifold) and multiple (really multiple ) LV Sarahs bought and sold. Leather, canvas .. Tried them all.
    What I can say is, both and either are good. I love them all and won't part with what I have left now.
    I stuff my wallets and they can get heavy. I carry a lot of cards and notes and pieces of paper.
    Good luck! Tell us what you get!
  12. Thanks Dawn72! Wow that's great you have both the Chanel gusset accordion style long wallet and the LV Sarah! Are they about the same size ? May I ask which of the Sarah you have now?
  13. That is the wallet I have now in the infini and want something new. The only thing I like about the curieuse is the removable change purse
  14. Yes! I love that little removable change purse! And I still find the wallet to be lovely. I aquired it 3 years ago, when it first came out, in order to pair it with my matching Noir Empreinte Speedy Bandouliere 30. However, once the Chanel-bug "bit" me, 1) it did not fit as well into a CF and 2) I am simply a HUGE sucker for having my wallet match my purse. For me, it completes the ENTIRE experience.
  15. That's the way I feel now also. My sa has your wallet in black and also red. I love the red but afraid I'll tire of it easily