opinion on Bottega Veneta 3 in 1 pouch or LV Kirigami

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  1. Does anyone own any of these products?
    what do you think between these two??
    BV or LV
    I am thinking to get it.
    but not sure value or resell value. As I know more people prefer LV as well as where I live

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  2. Do not buy Bottega Veneta if you’re thinking about resale. You get pennies on the dollar. You should buy whichever item you love and will use.
    Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, @grietje just bought this set of pouches - hopefully she will pop in and give you her opinion. :flowers:
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  3. BV is all leather
    if you buy for YOUR liking, go with BV
    If you buy for others' liking (and, possibly, resale) then get LV
  4. I am enjoying the metallic pouches and like how they complement my other BV slgs. That said BV has terrible resale.

    I also have LV mono SLGs and I find they wear really well—better than BV. The LV trio is nice but I’d worry about the volume of the origami styling and how heavy they’d be.
  5. The BV is on sale right now at the boutique in the blue. I saw it on Sunday.
    I have the LV. I used it a lot when I first got it/ them but not so much now but that is the story of my SLG life. The LV is nice because it isn't totally flat so very versatile. Not that the BV isn't.
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  6. You bring up a good point: the BV pouches are flat so they hold less or it can be a bit awkward.

    I have a very off and on relationship with slgs! I think I can relate!
  7. I have the LV kirigami in giant khaki and I could fit quite a bit in them if I wanted to, but I don’t. Interior is leather and the canvas exterior seems so durable. As beautiful as they are, I found the BV too flat and a bit more delicate & costly. But it’s on sale right now so the price is a lot more appealing. Buy what you like though, not for the resale value.
  8. BV pouches are on sale right now. I got for same price as LV kirigami
    As you mentioned, The BV pouches are flat and the biggest size of BV is smaller the LV for 2 inches.
    I read the LV item description it said the biggest one fits an iPad
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