opinion on B bag

  1. Hi,

    I am new to this Fendi site- I am usually in the Balenciaga forum but I have a questions. Hubby got me this Fendi B bag for Christmas - ( he knows I love big bags) - I have attached a pic. I just wanted some opinions because I am not too familiar with the various Fendi styles and didn't know if this was popular enough. I have tried carrying it but I like to hold it better than carrying it on my shoulder. It is a pretty bag but after finding out how much it set hubby back, I am not sure if I should exchange it or return it for LV or something else.(hubby wouldn't be offended - he said if I wanted to exchange it - that's OK) Any thoughts?

  2. i think it is a beautiful bag! i to my self am considering of purchasing one in the future. i love the patent. it is more versatile and easy to care for rather than the one with light canvas. although for my self, am considering the medium size bbag. i think the medium size is easier to put on the shoulders and much lighter. i dunno...i guess it all just depends on ur preference. good luck on ur descision. keep us posted
  3. I think you should keep it - its very beautiful.

    I received the medium size one (black canvas & patent) from hubby and I hold it instead of carrying it around the shoulder - its not very comfortable.
  4. be careful about putting too much heavy stuff in this style bag, as the rivets have been known to pop if overstressed. i think it's a very pretty bag, though. i'm not sure why you are concerned about whether it's popular enough though -- the real question is whether or not YOU like it.
  5. I do like the bag a lot but since I was not too familiar with the style I didn't know if it was enough to justify keeping it. We all know that a bag's popularity and "must have" factor plays a huge role on it's value. I just wanted to make sure that hubby didn't buy something overpriced because of the hype. As much as I like to splurge on a few bags - $2K plus just seemed a little too extreme . This one that hubby gave me is the large calfskin bag... I think I will keep it.

    Thank you for the info on the rivets - I will keep that in mind since I have a tendency to overstuff my bags. Thanks again.
  6. I really like it too! So this isn't the patent one? Do you see yourself using this? Though I love it - it doesn't seem like an everyday bag to me. I think it depends what type of bag you are looking for. Do you change bags often?
  7. Hmmm.... ok... so I'm going to speak bluntly. My thoughts on your question was "Was this a good bag for the money?" If not, then please disregard my ruminations.

    If your hubby paid $2k plus for this bag, I would say he overpaid for current market demand. The large B-bag style was less popular than the medium size b-bag. As a result, you should be able to get that bag for far less under $2000, probably more in the $1400 range. The b-bag's hype was early in 2007, so I think it's safe to say that its prime has past. That said, I would also state that I absolutely love this bag and find it classy enough where its hype being over doesn't matter. It'll be a classic, maybe not as popular as the spy, but classic still.

    Things that I don't like about this bag. I have the linen and blue patent one. The latch can be a pain, especially when my hands are full. Trying to get it to snap shut is sometimes annoying. What I do love about it, its style. To me, it has this wonderful structure that appeals to me. I like its aesthetics. So much that I was running around town way on back looking for the right shade of patent blue shoes. Did I return mine? Heck no, she'll be sitting pretty with me for quite some time. Would I spend that much on it now? Sadly, no. Even when I found my dream combination (blueberry/black), I held off.

    Hope this makes sense. At the end of the day, what matters is how you feel about the bag and that it was a wonderful gift from your hubby. If his feelings would be hurt by you exchanging it, I'd say hang on to it and enjoy every minute of your gorgeous bag. The style is terrific and sometimes the best value isn't "praktische".

    :heart: Good luck!
  8. I like this bag very much, it looks really classy. Although I am not a big fan of the Bbags (I don't think they'll be timeless), this is a really classy version, because of it's size. I would say if it was a lot of money and you don't love it to pieces or will grow to love it (I usually practise the latter) then exchange it for something that does make your heart jump ;)
    I would say think a day or two about it...

    Good luck deciding and let us know how it turns out!
  9. OK, Ive seen/had them all, the small b, mid size, large B Bag....nice, yes, just that...
    But this is my fav & somewhat spy like it is smoochiness, the Hobo B Bag....
    a BL.1 :tup: approved :heart: Fendi Bag.

    leopardb1.JPG leopardb2.JPG
  10. Nice! I didn't realize there was a Hobo B-bag. There's something about a hobo bag that I really love! They look so easy to carry. Its one style bag I don't have yet but am always checking out. I'll have to do some researching BUT I am on a purse ban for the year so buying one is out of the question.
  11. LB - A PFer on a one year Purse Ban!:confused1: Well lady, as the country western song says: "YOR ON THE CHEATIN' SIDE OF TOWN" :graucho:
  12. I love the B hobo too!
    I too try to stay away from purchasing new bags in 2008, because I just bought quite a lot in the end of 2007... Otherwise I would have bought one as well that I saw at NAP. That is a really comfortable style bag!

    (ps. my BF totally doesn't believe I will make a year without buying, but I just want to make it a challenge and if I were to have a lot of money with no other source to spend it on, I will be happy to break the ban ;).... )
  13. Well, don't forget I said bags, not accessories, ha ha
    Maybe some fendi sunnies, juicy track set, dvf wrap dress, etc. I have a small list in my head but for bags, unless I get a raise at work I have to say no:sad: I'll have to just enjoy other tPF purchases and help them, if requested, make bag choices. I love doing that too, almost as much as buying them myself
  14. One year ban?!? Wow.... That's quite a ban. I'm not sure I could do that one. It's only bags though, right? So you have the shoes, the belts, sunglasses and everything else... that might be able to tie you over... Good luck!