Opinion on a birthday gift to someone. . .

  1. I'm contemplating buying a good friend 1/2 carat diamond stud earrings that I found a good deal on on eBay or a mini pochette in damier azur for her birthday. The diamonds are high grade colorless and very few flaws, but the mini pochette is also gorgeous. Please help!!!
  2. Does your friend already own any diamond earrings? If yes then go with the pochette.
  3. mmm...go for the pochette
  4. Does your friend wear earings like that? I would personally prefer the pouchette, but that is just me!
  5. Go for the Pochette.
  6. The azur pochette is really cute and stylish. Buy your friend that!
  7. I worry about buying diamonds on eBay, but if you have checked the feedback and they have a good return policy, then you should be ok. Which do you think she would prefer? Diamond earrings are nice, but she won't be able to see them unless she is looking on the mirror, lol...the pouchette, on the other hand, would be quite useful.
  8. if i were ur fren i would prefer the pochette:p
  9. Diamonds!! I think diamond stud earrings are one of the few true classic items.
  10. pochette
  11. Diamond studs hands down xx
  12. Pochette
  13. pochette!
  14. LV pochette gets my vote.
  15. I would go for the pochette I dont know if I would buy diamonds off of eBay