Opinion of this Furla Bag

  1. Hi, may I have your precious opinion of this bag. Thinking of getting it but not sure if this is suitable for office use.
    Furla - Darlene.jpg
  2. Hi baglover,

    I think it can be suitable for office. Very understated chic IMO. :yes:
  3. I agree with Mya understated, chic and good quality. It will never go out of style!
  4. Yes it would be great for office. I like it :yes:
    And Furla bags are very quality !
  5. I do agree, i love Furla bag and i own 2. I bought the 1st 4 years ago and is the bag i'm carrying today, it lasts ages.
  6. I think it's good for office use. Looks like a good sized one too!
  7. it's a great bag & will be nice for office too :P
  8. I really like it. Nice colour, nice shape. nice leather.
  9. It looks like a great size and shape for the office.
  10. I'm going to the store and get it today. Thank you all.
  11. Just to share that I have finally purchased this bag after considering for almost 1 month. I must say that I'm very glad with the purchase.
  12. good for you!
  13. can't wait to see your pictures! i think this was a good choice as it is a classic shape and furla makes terrific bags!
  14. congrats on your new bag..
  15. Here she is. Simply love it. can carry it on shoulder or hand carried.