Opinion of my new Paige denim and outfit

  1. These are my first pair of paige denim, but I think that they make my butt look flat. I bought them cause everybody says that they make your butt look good, and this is my new top--what do you'll think.
    me 002.jpg me 006.jpg
  2. it's hard to tell about your butt because the pics are kind of small - do you have bigger ones? i love the top, though, it really makes your waist look tiny!
  3. From what I can see you look great, no pancake butt from where I am sitting. :P
  4. Thank your, I'll try to post a bigger picture--I'm trying to figure out how this works.
  5. Maybe this will be a bigger picture.
    me 008.jpg
  6. You look good, I am a die-hard Paige follower.

    I like the outfit, and the jeans look great.
  7. I think they look great! I'm a big fan of Paige Jeans.
  8. lol i wish i had your butt. after seeing mine, you'd want to kiss yours and apologize to it for calling it a pancake...

    so, in other words, looks great from where i'm sitting!
  9. lol thought that too.:biggrin:
  10. LOL, thank you.
  11. Lookin' GOOD!!
  12. Darling, your bum looks faaaaaaaaabulous!

    I just got a pair of citizens of humanity jeans, and seriously they make my bum look amazing ( I have a bubble butt!). I can never wear my abercromibe jeans again!

    but seriously, the outfit is hot, and you don't have a flat bum at alll.

  13. Hey thanks, I loooove citizens of humanity--more than the paige. I'm waiting on my second pair--the kelly colorado--they're fabulous jeans.
  14. You look incredible! .
  15. LOVE THEM!(yes..I have 6 pairs of paige jeans...LOVE THEM!!!!)