Opinion of Mahina Burgundy?

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  1. Have not seen one yet...I am tempted to order one. I already have a Mahina L in Black, Gris, Cognac, and Acajou...I am missing White & Burgundy I guess...I think White is too similar to Gris (what do you think?) Is the Burgundy one cute? Should I get it?

    PD. I also like the Artsy MM...darn...should I get that too?

  2. Frankly...I don't think you need another mahina L :lol:...ok ok this is TPF so I guess Burgundy would be a better choice over White. :nuts:
  3. Have you seen the Boudeaux Mahina that has just been revealed? It's :drool:
  4. I love the burgundy - Imo it´s a great colour for the Mahina Leather :smile:
  5. Agreed! Look for the post. That should seal the deal for you.
  6. It's gorgeous!!!!
  7. gorgeous!!
  8. It's really nice IRL. A very nice and rich colour. And a surprisingly "neutral" tone considering it's red......
  9. Ordering it !!! Thank you guys !!!
  10. You have a gorgeous collection of Mahina's! I wonder what color Mahina LV will release for the pre-fall collection next month?
  11. OMG they are coming out with more colors next month? I'm doomed !!!
  12. :nuts:
    Next month as in March?! (Or April?)
  13. I spoke to another SA today and she said June. I so hate when the SA give conflicting information! I would love to know since I missed getting a Mahina L in Cognac waiting to see what the new current colors would look like in real life. My advice is if you like it when it first comes out don't wait to for more colors to be released.
  14. I love the Burgundy color. I think you should get one. I agree with you that White is too similar to Gris, and I like Gris better than White.