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  1. I was being offered a Kelly 32 phw in etoupe clemence but after much thinking decided to let go and now going to choose between either a Berline 28(GM) bright color or toolbox 20 Feu with ghw. Which should I choose? Am I crazy to let go of the opportunity to get the Kelly? Lol I'm a stay at home mom with kids under 10 and never has a need to attend formal event so I guess that's reason enough to pick something else other than the B/K? I already own an Evie GM in gold if that matters. Please advise, thank you so much! [emoji4]
  2. i can't think of a reason to take those other bags over the Kelly in such a coveted color unless you really want a smaller, brighter bag. Because of the contrast stitching and the softer leather an Etoupe Clemence K is not a formal bag at all. I love the TB but it's much smaller and has limited usefulness IMO. I am not a fan of the Berline. The Kelly you can wear with jeans or take out to a non-formal dinner, it's not an event bag just a very versatile bag that will never go out of style.
    So, me - I would take the K in a heartbeat.
  3. +1000! Could not have said it better myself, QF!
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  4. Sorry no way tb or Berline over a k
    Just me
    Ita with qf
    As a consumer get the one suit your needs most
    As a hardcore h fanatic i will buy something that wrapped up everything bout coveted exclusiveness
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  5. +1001 [emoji6]. I'd take the K all the way!
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  6. Please take K....unless you are waiting for a perfect K with colour/leather you want.
    I am a mother of 3, i use kelly more often then B.
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  7. I don't consider a retourne Kelly a formal bag at all- more sporty casual/ business attire/ polished day to evening, but not formal. I think because of the price, people began to think of the Kelly and Birkin as formal bags, but they were never intended to be that (especially the birkin.) Etoupe has such great versatility and works equally well in spring/ summer as it does in fall/ winter. It's also a forever piece and a color that will never get old or tired feeling.

    Now if you want a pop of color, one of the others would fit the bill. I don't have any experience with the Berline or Toolbox, but the important thing is to buy what you love.
  8. I must have sounded like a lunatic in H world to choose other over K, even I sometimes question myself, lol I haven't decline the offer yet as I'm also worry that I might kick myself later if I decline... I'm just concern if I'll be brave enough to use it due to the exposure it has safety wise... I mean it's a $$$ bag [emoji33] lol I do love the style though. Is black a better color than etoupe? It'll be my only K so I gotta be sure of the color. Any input?
  9. Have you considered taking the K and buying a canvas cross body strap that matches? There are so cute striped ones from www.mautto.com that should work with etoupe. Then you can use your kelly cross body when you have the little ones with you and use the shoulder strap when you're out on your own or on date night.

    Here's a direct link: http://www.mautto.com/product/striped-color-cotton-canvas-webbing-strap-adjustable-1-5-wide-choose-style-length-hook-6

    Scroll to photo 3 and 5 to see the color choices. And you can choose your hardware color and buckle shape too.
  10. I'm in the minority here. There's definitely a part of me that is screaming "TAKE THE KELLY" but I also want to be considerate of you and your lifestyle. A Kelly does not work for everyone - its hard to get in/out of and can be cumbersome, especially with kids in tow. I find that to get my phone or my wallet, it takes 2 hands and a weird balancing act on my knee. People wear it unfastened in but that puts pressure on the turnlock and I don't like worrying about having my bag hanging open on my shoulder. So, while there are many fans of the Kelly here, don't buy it just because it's hard to get. Buy it because it suits you and your lifestyle. It took me a while to appreciate the Kelly and while I love it, it's definitely not the first bag I reach for. That's usually reserved for my plume :smile:

    That being said, a Kelly can be worn casually and looks quite chic. There is a whole thread dedicated to how to wear a Kelly casually. Of the 2 other bags that you mentioned, I'm a big fan of the toolbox. I like the versatility. the way it can be worn "wings in or wings out" and how it can be carried unfastened without it hanging open or putting pressure elsewhere. I don't have a berline so can't comment there but I think the toolbox is such an adorable, understated bag.

    Buy what works for you. Hermes bags are so expensive that you don't want to buy one to have it sit in a box because it doesn't fit your needs or your lifestyle. Best of luck with whatever you decide.
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  11. I have the Etoupe Kelly 32 phw Clemence and it is my everyday bag. Looks great with nearly everything and isn't too formal because of the contrast stitching and size. It can be dressed up or down. I would think it over a bit since I love this bag more than words could say!
  12. Take the Kelly.
    You won't regret this bag!
  13. Have you tried on the Kelly? IMO, I think Kelly is a much useful bag compares to toolbox and it fits nicely against your body if you get the canvas strap wearing it crossbody. I love Berline and I think it's a very chic casual bag, but sometimes too casual... Get the color you are comfortable with, both colors are classic. Gook luck deciding...
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  14. Thank you everyone for your precious opinions!! I really appreciate it! [emoji4] I'll think it over again and see what fits my lifestyle better! [emoji4] happy Sunday to all of you! [emoji8][emoji8]
  15. The Berline definitely no as it is repetitive of the Evelyne, and the price point is too high to be repetitive.

    The toolbox is more practical than the Kelly, but in my opinion, too bulky and casual with the canvas strap.

    For ease, you have the Evelyne. For me, I use my Kellys with small kids and it works, and I have gotten used to opening and closing it and I don't wear it open. You really get used to opening and closing it, and for when you really need hands free, you have the Evelyne.

    If you will have one Kelly, either take the Étoupe (I personally love Clemence and prefer it over Togo), or wait for a black one. Good luck :smile:
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