Opinion needed

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  1. Hi,
    What do you guys think of this bag? Do anyone has modelling pictures? I am unable to find on this forum.
    Thank you ImageUploadedByPurseForum1394718110.305467.jpg
  2. That looks like a vintage bag. It's different from the classic flap but it's not my style. Idk if I would get it.
  3. It's a beautiful vintage bag IMO. My mother has this model, and here is what I like about it:
    1) lightweight
    2) single flap
    3) (can be used) cross body
    4) versatile (goes easily from day to evening events)
    If you like this flap, I highly recommend finding one for you. :smile:
  4. I love this style! It's called the diana vintage flap. There have been reveals before. I recall one of the TPFers has a beautiful sky blue one as her avatar and I think she has more than one color too!
  5. im looking for modeling pic of this bag, i havnt seen anyone carry this piece at all. I do see it on ebay alot.
  6. I personally really like this style. If i can find one in mint condition i will buy prelove.
  7. +1

    I have this exact bag in 2 sizes (9" & 10") and I absolutely love both. I find myself using it more than my Maxi and Jumbos as well.

    For reference, I am 5'5" and I can wear it crossbody comfortably.
  8. If you need I can post pictures of the bag alone, but I wouldn't dare asking my mother for 'modeling pics'. :lol:
  9. I love this vintage style. But, I don't have one to do modeling photos;((

  10. :lol: it is ok. i will keep on searching for modelling pictures to see how it sits on the body. Thank you though;)
  11. I'll try to post a modeling picture for you tomorrow.
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  13. I have been wanting this vintage bag but I can't find one in good condition at the price I am willing to pay. My hunt continues

    Malleries and Other pre-loved site are way too over priced

    I will one day add this to my collection.
  14. and of course it looks nice on princess Diana:biggrin:
  15. Not sure if you are looking at pre owned only but I saw some at NM still.