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Apr 10, 2009
Hi all,

I'm facing a lil' bit of dilemma here. I currently have a xxxxx I've had it for 6 mths and i've only used it once and I don't foresee myself carrying it on a regular basis in future. I'm thinking of letting it go but hesitant at how difficult it is to get one again.

What do you ladies think? Advice needed pls.

Many thanks!

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Mar 25, 2006
If you had used your xxx only once in the last 6 months, why would you want another in the future? How difficult or easy it would be to get another one after you so choose to sell this, is all relative, and whether you have been a regular customer at your H store.

There will be a price increase with effect from 1 Jan 2011, followed by regular price increases every year. So it will just get more and more expensive.
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Jan 17, 2009
Itottally get your question and the need for advice I very much do suggest you do not sell because I had a period in which I left my hermes bags I got 3 more goyards and enjoyed canvas bags all over again smaller special edition bags from vuitton and chanel it all happened after watching a few movies that just proved that when you put together complex or simple outfits the bag compliments beautifully by being a simple part of it all .I guess I felt the bags overpowered the outfits and that if I wore such big and important bags they would steal from the outfit , then minimalism hit my style, so big simple lined bags that make the outfits more than they are became more of a necessity. and having sold many of my bags I started rebuilding because I missed them soo my advice is hold on to it truly. Best birkel.

Ooo and one more thing when you do not adopt an hermes bag, it just seems like a window display, it has to become yours through use it blends with you and seems soft and well put together. but not static or like they are on a
pedestal ,I suggest that if you go on a trip take this bag and this bag alone if after that trip it's just not for you then sell if you enjoy the bag and feel the bag is something that works then you won't let go I'm sure of this.