Opinion needed !

  1. I have a non-famous designer bag question. Is it okay to ask here? Please move or delete if not.

    My girlfriend is branching out into handbag design and is making me a bag. I already have this one (the one all the way on the left in my collection), but I want it in off-white/cream. What color stitching do you think would match? Mocha? Red? Orange? None at all?
    dan.jpg collection.jpg
  2. Mocha stitching would be really nice on a cream bag (the one you have already is gorgeous- love it)!
  3. Wow!! That is a lovely bag. Is it purple??
  4. I agree that mocha would look hot with off white/cream. Update us on the end results!
  5. I kinda like the idea of orange for the upcoming spring and summer seasons! Mocha would be a nice fall color IMO
  6. I like mocha or orange!! The orange would definitely be a nice pop of color and great for Spring!
  7. cute bag...i would definitely go for orange...can your friend make me one too? :p

    you have to post the final result...and if it's really good and she's selling, i would like to know.
  8. I agree mocha would be nice and soft with the cream
  9. Ooh, good response! I'll go with the mocha and cream. My bag is HUGE, it's dark brown with gold and such soft yummy leather! My only gripe is that I feel like I'm digging my way to China when I'm looking for something inside b/c it wears like a small bag but it is deep. Only one small inside pocket.
    She *can* make more as she's a manufacturer and trying to break into the handbag area, pm me!