Opinion Needed - Wine with Bougeinvillea?

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  1. My oldest and dearest friend CM just got engaged about a month ago and I was asked to be a bridesmaid. The other bridesmaids, the maid of honor, and I are taking the bride out today to brunch to kick-off all of the wedding prep festivities (she is getting married in June 2012). The brunch is casual and I decided to wear a Baily 44 top in a wine color, with jeans, but have no idea what bag to wear! I thought perhaps my Bougeinvillea Picotin.

    What are your thoughts of the color combo of wine with Bougeinvillea?

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  2. Those two colours go well together dear........... nice pick.........
  3. Thanks sydspy! I don't know why I was questioning it! But I just wanted to make sure the hues didn't clash in any way!!!
  4. that's beautiful! very nice way of brightening up the wine top :smile:
  5. Thanks so much, steakfrite! I am going to try to take some modeling pics! I actually tied a Twilly to the lock on the Picotin to bring in some of the wine color. I hope it looks ok!
  6. hehe in fact now you make me want an SO in that very colour combi... :P
  7. I think it looks terrific - I wouldn't have thought of matching the two. Good eye! We want modeling shots!
  8. Here are some of the modeling pics...

    The photos make the shirt look a little more brown than it actually is. The shirt is more of a wine red. I also tied a Plumes Twilly to the lock on the Picotin because it has a touch of wine. Let me know what you think. I can always remove the Twilly.

    Shirt by Bailey 44 (current season so you should be able to find it if you like it)
    Jeans by JCrew

    Also, for those of you who always question mixing metals, I am wearing gold jewelry and the bag has PHW.

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  9. love it!
  10. [​IMG]

    this looks BETTER than ok! it's :ps:
  11. love the picotin w/ wine .. :heart:
  12. What are some of your other color choices? I adore the top but think there may be something tat may blend better. I have a few wine colored tops and usually use one of my other colored bags like etoupe or black or vert olive. I know totally boring but thought maybe worth a try? I think if you wear a lighter color on the bottom the bougainvillea would be ok. With jeans maybe a diff color?
  13. Hi hermesmonkey! Thanks for the suggestions! I ended up going with the Bougeinvillea, but next time (and as we get deeper into fall), I will most likely use black Birkin (depending on if I need such a bag bag) or I can convert the strap on my Vert Veronese Jypsiere to a shoulder strap and use that! I can also :::GASP::: a non-Hermes bag, for instance, a clutch or my Bottega bag which is a color similar to Hermes' gold.
  14. Your title nearly gave me a heart attack as I thought you had wine spilt on your bag. Sitting in the office for 8 hours must have made me blind.... :P
    I'm sure with your lovely collection, you'll find something nice to wear to the brunch. I might be crazy, but I actually think your fuschia kelly will go well with the outfit :biggrin:
  15. Thank goodness I didn't SPILL wine on my Bougeinvillea! I probably would have died right then and there!!!!

    I did end up wearing the Bougeinvillea Picotin to brunch but I think next time I'm going to give Fuchsia Kelly a whirl with it, depending on the occasion!