Opinion needed regarding red caviar flap w/ new chain

  1. So I bought the red caviar e/w bag with the new chain about 2 weeks ago, and am at the same time still waiting for the call for the red caviar medium flap (I am #1 on the list, and as far as I know there will be only 2 stores each getting one med. in the US!).

    I like the e/w but prefer the medium, and I will only keep one of them. And tomorrow will be the last day I will be able to return the e/w. So my delimma now is: Should I return the e/w tomorrow? One of the 3 situations may happen:

    1. Return e/w tomrrow, wait for medium, will get the medium and be happy; OR
    2. Return e/w tomorrow, but either end up medium never comes or do not like medium IRL, have to hunt down an e/w again and by then who knows if I can still find the e/w (I end up have neither bag, or have to go thru many troubles to get the e/w if med doesn't work); OR
    3. Keep e/w, when med. comes also get med., then decide, if decide to keep med, sell the e/w on eBay even though I try not to deal with eBay unless I have to.

    If you were me, what would you do?
  2. Do you like the e/w? If you like it, and there is the slightest possibility that you will not get either the medium or be able to rebuy the e/w later, I say keep the e/w.
  3. I like the e/w, but I don't think I am completely in love with it. 2 reasons - I already have a blue e/w and would like variety as i have no med flap. 2nd is I am concerned that the new shiny double chain is too overwhelming for the small size of the bag. I think that's why I am not completely crazy about it.
  4. Oh no! You have to wait for the medium, or we can't be red medium twins! :smile:
    Really though. You should wait. I could've had an e/w too and am so happy I held out. As far as eBay goes, blah! Don't deal with that headache if you don't have to. I'll post my red pics after I get her this weekend.
  5. i think you should wait too! its a lovely bag
  6. I think that bag would FLY off EBAY if you ever listed it.
    I ADORE the red with the new chain and knowing that you might not get the medium, I'd keep the e/w until you're certain that you're getting the other size.
  7. i tried both yesterday at the boutique, and i like the med. better, though the size is somewhat similar, the extra height in the medium makes a big difference, i like the weight of the med. better as well (it's a little heavier, but not terribly heavy).