Opinion Needed! Pink or Not??

  1. O.K., so I got a Pink PST today. There was also a petite shopper in black, just like ScaJo's carrying here

    I had a hard time deciding which bag to get.....my SA couldn't really decide which is better on me either. So, here's all of my Chanel collection so far(sorry, it's a small collection compare to most of you guys..:crybaby: I'm working on making it bigger. I promise!) I'm planning on buying Red Jumbo Flap with new chain and red or black clutch from Spring/Summer collection.

    I NEED everyone's opinion which bag to get!! Thank you!!!!
  2. 1. SV Dark White Tote

    2. Cambon Reporter

    3. MC Flap in White

    4. Patent Navy Flap

    5. MM Tote in Brown

    6. Reissue 227 in Dark Silver

    7. Luxe Line Khaki Bowler
  3. HOLY, talk about modest, that is a GREAT collection!!

    I think you should keep the pink PST and get the red flap w/ chain :yes:

    btw, love your earrings!
  4. I love your MC flap!!!!!
  5. your collection is amazing...if that's small, mine is non existent!:nuts:
    i love the pink pst and i'd get the red flap...
  6. I actually like the black petite shopper better :yes: . but then i'm boring, I prefer my bags in neutral colors
  7. Oops...sorry I didn't make it clear...
    I am getting Red Jumbo Flap with new chaing AND Red/Black(not sure which) Clutch from Spring/Summer Collection for sure.

    I can't decide (1)Pink PST or (2)Petite Shopper like ScaJo's in Black.
    BTY, (2) costs $1550, which is about $400 more than PST:wtf:
  8. I'm confused. Is the petite shopper different from the PST?
    I like the bag scarlett is carrying? does this bag have a zipper in the middle?
  9. hmmm tough choice!!

    I really like the pink PST but I think the black in the style that Scarlett is holding is gorgeous. ugh..... I cant decide yet!
  10. Keep the pink, it's totally fun and you need color in your collection.

    Love your patent navy bag.:love:

  11. Yeah, it's shorter than PST and no shoulder pads on chain....and there is a zipper in the middle.. Chain is shorter, so kinda umcomfortable carrying over the shoulder. Bag is thicker, too(width)
  12. Oh, your pictures made me call my SA immediately to put PST on hold. So, I think it IS your fault that I'm having this Petite Shopper dilemma!:graucho:

    I LOVE my new Earrings! Thank you for your kind comment!
  13. Thanks for the info.
    I really like the pink!
  14. I think the pink is a good addition to your collection since you don't have any brighter colors. My vote goes to the pink!
  15. mick & angel, thanks for your opinions!! Keep it coming!!

    smooth, I really LOVE to see your entire Chanel collection someday!!!1