Opinion needed on this Isabella Fiore please!


This Isabella Fiore bag...Nice or Nasty??

  1. Nice...definatly buy it!!

  2. Nasty....a trash bag would look better!!

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  1. Very cute! I think that would look very nice with jeans.
  2. I think I like the one passerby suggested better. The 2 things about IF bags is they tend to be heavy and this one looks like it might be stiff. I'd like a softer bag. The woven leather does look nice though.
  3. I like IF but not this one, sorry...It kinda reminds me of a Kooba bag, I'd check those out.
  4. It looks like it will be quite bulky. I'd keep looking. I find IF bags to be quite heavy as well.
  5. I think it's quite cute. But the great thing about Zappos.com is that you get free shipping *and* free returns. It makes it so convenient. But I see that you are in the UK... so I'm not sure if the same policy applies for international shipping & returns.
  6. Yep..Im not going to order from Zappos because like you said...no international shipping. I was using their pics of the bag as they showed the bag from all angles.

    Thanks for the opinions. Im gonna keep looking. I like the style but I dont really think the velvet that is woven in with the leather will last long.

    Thanks again:idea:
  7. I like the style and I like the strap (reminds me a little of Kooba Sienna straps), but I'm not a big fan of woven leather bags. I don't know what it is - whether they too closely resemble straw bags or what - I just have never gotten on the woven leather band-wagon (altho they are pretty in style right now)
  8. I know this bag's not part of your survey, but I'd vote for this one!!! Everytime I've seen Isabella Fiore bags online and they look cute - when I see them in person they are too big, too bulky and just look plain clunky. Not something I'd carry. Just a word of advice. However, if you already own I.F. and you like her style, then that's a different story.

    Good luck either way! You have to be happy... not us! :yes:
  9. I bought the whipstitch Elaina in bronze and it is gorgeous! The leather is very soft, and it is a little heavy, but I don't care because it's so lovely!:roflmfao:
  10. [​IMG]I currently love this woven one that's on sale at NM half price, as well. I really think that it's cute! Love most of IF's styles!
  11. It took me awhile to warm up to IF bags.

    I like both bags. Either would be great with a pair of jeans.
  12. I voted no.. I like it the weave detail, but I don't like the design