Opinion needed on beige ML flap

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  1. Hi all,

    A friend of mine is selling her beige Claire ML flap with ghw. And she asked me if I am interested. She bought the bag in 2012 and barely used. I do like the bag but I am not sure if it's worth it to add in my collection. Price she's selling is $3,800.

    Can you guys give me an opinion on whether if I should buy it or not? Thanks a lot for your help.

    My current collection includes:

    Black ML ghw
    Black reissue ghw - the size is between ml and jumbo
    Black gst - ghw
    Medallion tote
    Navy medium boy
    Mini red flap
    Navy half moon woc
    Beige woc ghw
    Black clutch - the kisslock one
  2. Is it in caviar? A beige caviar m/l with GHW is definitely worth adding. However, I'm not sure about the price she bought it at? Is it worthwhile compared to a brand new piece?
  3. It's caviar. She got it for 4400. But I think she got a discount from Saks since she applied for a card. So 10% off 4400. I saw a brand new piece and it looks exactly like hers. She used it like twice I think.

  4. Do you prefer the size of it? I just know a lot of people prefer the B/Claire in Jumbo.

    Good price though, if you do get it, maybe sell your Beige WOC ghw
  5. I tried the jumbo before and everyone said it looks too big on me. So I never really consider jumbo size.

    I was thinking of selling my beige Claire woc but then I got it at a discount when I applied for a Saks card and it was only $1590.

    Do you think it doesn't make sense to keep the WOC if I buy the ML?

  6. It sounds like a good price for the m/l. Jumbos are too big for me as well. Beige is such a neutral, versatile color - I think you should keep the beige woc, as long as you are using it, in addition to the m/l. I have both a (seasonal) beige m/l and a (seasonal) beige woc. The woc is great for traveling, when you just need your essentials, cross body, more casual wear. The m/l can be more dressed up.
  7. I think it would be a great addition! Good luck deciding.
  8. Well it doesn't really matter how much she paid for it. Is it a good price for you?

    I love my beige m/l ..very versatile and goes with most outfits. Good luck deciding.
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  9. + 1. If it's a good price for you OP, I think that's all that matters.

    I have the same combo in a jumbo and love it. Good luck deciding!
  10. I would save that money aside for when you find a bag that you couldn't refuse. You should never buy a bag just because others say you should or if it's a semi good deal. $3,800 is still a lot of money and it sounds like you don't have your heart set on it.
  11. Seems like a good addition! If it has not been used and you are receiving a discount, even better!
  12. A beige M/L flap is a great addition to any collection IMO.
  13. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1427209990.829599.jpg

    I've posted this pic several times but I just love this bag - beige caviar m/l with GHW. It's so beautiful.
    You have to love it. If you do, and think price is okay for you. Get it.
  14. Thanks all for your opinion. I definitely could afford the bag and the price is what attract me. I guess I'll have to really decide on whether if I want it that much to splurge $3800 on a bag.
  15. Did you ever consider this bag? If so it's a great deal, if not, then it's just going to sit there; might as well wait for something you're in totally love with.