Opinion needed for first Hermes bag

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  1. Hi, I hope it's ok to create a new thread asking for opinion on my first purchase? I'm currently stalking the Evelyne clubhouse and am looking to buy one in a few months. I'm also interested in the garden party as tote is also a timeless piece. Would like to hear opinion on which one you'll pick and why? Preferably your color choice too? Thanks so much. If you'd recommend other options, please state the reason too? I'd like to hear more opinions/insight before I finally pull the trigger,
    Have a nice day!
  2. Hi!! I have both bags and I think it depends on your style and your daily needs...they are both comfortable easy to carry bags. My evelyne is a GM so does get a bit heavy when loaded but it is a cross body so distributes the weight. My garden party is all leather and a bright pink. I think I like the garden party in bright pop colors...and the evelyne you can go either way...classic colors or go for pop. If I had to choose one style only, I vote for all leather garden party. It's super easy, timeless and is great for everyday and travel. I'm kind of in love with my garden party right now so I'm a bit biased.
  3. evelyn for me because of the cross-body strap
    GP is great as a work tote, but i use b/k or plume for work so GP doesnt fill a functional void for me
  4. I have a GP36 all leather in Rouge Piment. This is my everyday work horse. I can put it over my shoulder which is nice. I am thinking about getting the Evelyn but worried about the canvas strap. You can't go wrong either way :smile:
    Hermes makes beautiful colors so either bag in a pop of color would be very nice
  5. Thanks everyone for the input. Appreciate it. I like comfortable and casual outfit and I tend to use crossbody most of the time. I'm a mom of 3 young children so maybe I should go for Evelyne GM? I'm 5'6" and 110# so hopefully GM will be a good size?
  6. I have the Evelyne GM in a Rogue Peony and the Gold and I have to say I cannot get enough of these bags. If you dress fairly casual and love crossbodys then this is the bag for you.
    I love the colours equally, but tend to use the Gold slightly more because sometimes I don't want to think about matching up with clothes etc and the neutral colour goes with everything.. But equally you will enjoy if you get a pop of colour. Go for it.
    The GM is perfect it holds tons and is really comfortable over your shoulder or cross body style. Try altering the strap length on different days also. This makes a difference to styling it also.
    Pull that trigger!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::woot:
  7. I'm 5'6 and just a few pounds heavier than you. I have both PM and GM Evies, as well as the all-leather GP. I think the PM Evie is a bit more flattering but the GM is getting more use currently because it holds more. In clemence, the bag will mold to your body so either should work.

    Between the Evies and all-leather GPs -- they are so different that if you're only going to get one, go with what functions best. The GP was my first H bag. It took me a while to warm up to the Evelyne but I'm using my Evies more and my GPs less lately. The GP does fit over the shoulder but with a heavy coat, or when the bag is really full, it can be a tight fit and not that comfortable. It's a beautiful bag, classic and under the radar, but when weight and shoulder-carry are important to me, I resort to Longchamp instead.

    For color, I love both bags in pop colors but it depends on your wardrobe. My GM Evie is Etoupe and it is one of my most-used, most loved bags. It sounds like you're leaning toward the Evie, but for GP I'd definitely choose a color that comes with contrast stitching because it shows up so nicely on that particular style. HTH!
  8. I have Evelyne in PM size and I notice it cant put much.Its light weight.But since you have young children at the moment,a GM size will be more practical.
  9. I have been collecting K's and B's for years and just recently fell for the Evelyn.
    Based on your height and needs, I recommend the Evelyn GM in clemence leather.
    For colors, Etain is a wonderful, sophisticated neutral that's perfect year round. If you would consider a color, rouge casaque is a gorgeous, happy pop that's still technically a neutral.
    You are going to ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ This bag.

  10. I love clemence leather! But what's the difference between Etain and Etoupe? Thanks
  11. Etain is a perfect neutral gray.
    Etoupe is a grayish tan and has white contrast stitching.
    Etain is a newer color. I have an Etain Kelly. Otherwise I would purchase an Evelyn in this color. Hands down.
  12. Etoupe is lighter and more taupe and has white contrast stitching. Etain is darker, more gray in tone, and does not have contrast stitching. Both are fabulous neutrals.
  13. Are these neutral colors (Etain/Etoupe/gold etc) available in stores all year round? Or are they seasonal? How's the wear and tear of the Evie? Any advice?
  14. Im also 5'6' 110 pounds. Middle aged and mom of 2 kids. Either bag is great evie is great for running errands with kids.
  15. I'm more of a visual person if it's okay would love to see everyone's Evie so I can decide on the color? I'm leaning towards neutral but the pop of color is so tempting too, lol, help?