Opinion Needed for Coin Purse and M/U Clutch

  1. Gang, as you can see on my wish list the coin purse and m/u clutch are mentioned. So, I rang BalNY and spoke with Kim to send me pics of the colors I was looking for.

    My current collection of Bbags can be seen at http://forum.purseblog.com/1858702-post518.html. What do you all think I should get, keeping in mind that I'll be using both items as receipt, business cards, cosmetics, etc., holders within a bigger Bbag?

    Clutch in Marine, Caramel and Naturel :love:. They're expecting more colors in a couple of weeks (I'm thinking 1st week March).


    Coin in Ink, Pale Pink, Rust and Lilac :love:


    I could ostensibly get 2 coin purses, rather than 1 of each. :shrugs: :shrugs:

  2. Maybe just get one make-up clutch~ you'll get good use out of it~ it will hold more and plus you can carry it by itself~ the coin purse is too small to carry by itself.

    I am not a blue person but the marine looks really pretty! I would say the camel would be my choice b/c it would give a little brightness to your collection!
  3. Here's your collection so everyone can see~

  4. LOVE the pale pink
  5. Good thought, zac! Perhaps I should wait 'til March until they get collection colors in... As you, I'm not a blue person, either. I'd be more inclined to get a green something or other, but I don't know about the Vert Gazon. :wtf: :sad:
  6. Yes~ I think you should wait b/c then you will get to choose from more colors.
  7. omg those are so cute. i would vote for the caramel clutch, since it would match most of your bigger bags.
  8. the marine MU clutch is very pretty and most efficient buying but the caramel is a perfect addition that'll match ur collections, although not trying to be an evil here, but every girl can use the coin purse :graucho:
    the lilac is sooo pretty :love: but with the rust, no need to worry getting dirty :yes:

    and i think that depends on what make up items u carry... i only carry compact, lip gloss and compact blush, and there's still lot of rooms for receipts and cards :yes:
  9. I am loving that marine makeup clutch. Its gorgeous. I vote for that and the coin purse in rust (ink was my first choice, but you already have that color).
  10. Marine make up clutch and pale pink coin purse.:yes:
  11. Do you know the prices for these babies? :love:
  12. I really like the caramel Makeup and the lilac coin purse. I have both styles. I think the makeup would be good to carry all you said but the coin purse would be really handy for business cards and other small items. Good Luck with your choice.
  13. Out of all I like the caramel (yummy) the most but I would wait like you said. I too was going to get a m/u clutch last month but the colours weren't piqueing my interest and even though it disappointed me greatly and is killing me to wait I decided to hold off until the newer colours came in. To 'satiate' my hunger as it were I got a coin purse in grey. Of the coin purses I like the lilac and rust btw. Good luck!
  14. Caramel Makeup and Ink Coin
  15. I completely agree with RealDealCollection...caramel m/u and ink coin purse.