Opinion needed--Black Ali Pricing

  1. I am loving my Whiskey Ali and decided I MUST have Ali in black. I've only been checking eBay for a few days, so maybe anyone who is more familiar with the eBay market for Ali can help me out...?

    1) What do you consider a good price for a gently used black leather Ali?

    2) How rare have they been on eBay lately?

    TIA for your help!
  2. I'm curious to know this myself. I want a black leather Ali as well. Anyone?
  3. They have been selling at the outlets for $239.99, so I wouldn't go more than that. i got mine with the turnlock broken for $112 on ebay (so $132 once it is fixed).
    As far as being on ebay, there have been quite a few in the last 2 months. Hope this helps.
  4. ^^Well, if you really want one, I would keep in mind that the seller had to pay tax on the bag so I'd add at least $15 to the $240 price tag. Then you also need to consider that sellers have to pay fees for actually selling on ebay so you will need to add $20 for that. It would be nice if you considered the gas that one would need to drive to the outlet to buy the bag, we'll say one is fairly close so we'll just add $5 for that. (however, if you are hours away from the outlet you should consider that)
    The Ali's were plentiful on ebay back in December when they first hit the outlets but the number available has slowly been decreasing. Brown and natural are the most rare and black then follows those with white and whiskey the more common colors on ebay. I would think if you're interested you might want to act sooner rather than later when they will really become rare. We all know how that goes on ebay once something is sold out and hard to find.
    Good luck and of course post pics if you get one.:yes:

    oh, please allow me to add that my info is based on all leather. I have not watched the signature Ali's.
  5. I agree for new Alis, but used I would not go more than the outlet price. Of course it just depends on how badly you want it. I found my broken turnkey from youngbrands and think I got a heck of a deal. :yes: