opinion needed! Belt in Amarante?


Point and Click
May 19, 2010
I was at the LV boutique today. I really wanted a sunset boulevard in pomme. Checked two boutiques but they were sold out. I tried on the vernis belt in Amarante and absolutely loved it!! The question is, I don't have anything in Amarante. I have a small collection in rouge fauviste. Somehow, I like the belt in Amarante better but I don't have the budget to get a handbag in Amarante now (alma BB? :woot:). Would you think it will be too much to mix the colors? I have alma and sunset boulevard in rouge fauviste. Please help!!


Yogi Mama
Dec 9, 2010
You plan to wear them together? Bag (Alma or sunset boulevard) with the belt? It may be OK (max limit for me) if you keep your clothes plain and monochromatic (ie all black top and bottom and shoes, all beige, all white, etc). But that's just me. Good luck!