Opinion need! got Topaz Stam from Saks for $630 with slight flaw

  1. Hi, i finally got the Topaz Stam on sales from Saks for $630 (orginal $1350) shipped today.

    However, there are a slight flaw on the leather part in the flame area (see attached)

    will you tolerate the flaw with the price?

    i am 50/50 since i dont babysit my bags, it will probably be in used condition anyway in several months....

    i would like to hear from you guys before i make the decision Thursday (the earliest i can head down Saks is Thursday 7/4), much thanks!
    DSC00010.JPG DSC00011.JPG
  2. that really doesn't bother me...
    the color is really gorgeous and the rest of the bag looks like it's in great shape...

    i acutally can't see the flaw in the other pic...
  3. ^^Same here. You can't see the flaw at all in the full view pic. I'm kinda anal about things like this and I don't think that would even bother me all that much. LOL! But if you're hesitant about it, then it might bother you too much in the long run. Good luck on whatever you decide.
  4. $630 is still $630.

    Did you know about the defect when you purchased it? If not and you decide to keep it, I'd call Saks and see about getting an extra % off.
  5. WOW, $630?? i would keep it. The bag is Gorgeous!!! you scored big.
  6. I don't think it would bother me much either, I'm sure it could be repaired if necessary. A good cobbler could dye that area to match the rest of the bag.

    I agree with MJ_BostonGirl, you should call and let them know if they didn't tell you prior to shipping. Saks is usually pretty good, once I was able to get them to give me the next discount sale price.
  7. Topaz is such a beautiful color. I would definitely keep it cause I'm like you too. I don't babysit my bag that much.
  8. it would bother me if it was under any other circumstance... but for that price i would keep b/c i've never seen a stam marked down that low and also the topaz is such a pretty color... it's such a small flaw that's not too noticeable.
  9. It's such a lovely color. I definitely would call and inform them of the flaw. If you get an extra % off that would be great but you already got such a great price for a stam!
  10. What a bargain. I'd keep it since it's not that noticeable.
  11. You can easily get that fixed. It can be dyed to match. I'd definitely keep it. I love that color.
  12. i agree with everyone, I'd keep it and maybe just get if fixed since you got such a good deal.

    But i would call and see if they'd take some more off...you never know and it won't hurt to ask
  13. I say keep it but definately call about getting an extra discount!!!
  14. I don't care much if a purse has been advertised as having a slight defect (I have purchased used bags with Biro marks and scratches).

    However, if I purchased it new, I would really make a fuss about it. Just think that if you ever want to sell that bag (it's a beauty, I would never do it but who knows) that small little flaw will likely reduce the price for you.
  15. Probably you would be the only one to notice the defect. I would keep it as well since it's a huge markdown and the color looks stunning. However definitely give Saks a call to get some type of discount for this. Good Luck!