Opinion: MJ Christy vs. MJ Sofi????

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  1. The other day, I received the MJ Christy bag from the Nordstroms Anniversary Sale. Although I had a bad experience with Nordstroms, I am kind of getting to like this bag more and more. I was just wondering, before I decide to keep it or not, if I should have gone for the MJ Sofi bag. I haven't seen this bag in person, but was wondering if anyone has, and can maybe give me a good comparison of the two, or their opinion of the two bags......


  2. They are similar shapes. I think one of the main differences is that the Christy is a magnetic closure and the Sofi has the traditional zipper. The Christy looks a little more casual to me. I like them both, a lot. I haven't looked at the insides of either. They are probably similar. The Christy is on sale, so that is a consideration. I did see the Sofi in nice colors (Bordeaux and a brown/tan. It was either Wheat or Peanut) and they looked really nice in a color.
  3. Great observation and opinion. Exactly what I was thinking. Have a somewhat dressy black Fendi shoulder bag, so I think I will probably keep the Christy, and maybe get the Sofi when or if it goes on sale......