Opinion Marc Jacobs Flap Bag?

  1. It's really cute, but I kind of have mixed feelings about the chain. I don't like the big gold chains on MJ bags in general, but I think on this one it adds just enough of an edge to make it look cool.

    I also kind of hate the fake pushlock things on some MJ bags (where the pushlock is only decorative) - but others don't seem to mind, so maybe that's just me.
  2. Thanks Miri. I can't believe I didn't even notice that the push lock is for decoration only. I guess this bag is not very popular because I can't seem to do any search on it.
  3. I like a bag that you can carry on your shoulder (such as when you are walking) or by hand (such as when you are getting in/out of your car). I think this is a very nice style; however, being only 3" wide it is too narrow for all of my stuff.
  4. I really like this bag. I considered buying it for a while but then sort of got over it. I tried it on a few times and it fit comfortably under the arm, holds a decent amount of stuff(not a lot, but the basics), and is really cute. The chain helps keep the flap closed - I can't remember if it has a magnetic closure or not. The description says the chain is removable, that's a good thing. Overall, I would probably still buy it if I found it at a decent sale price.
  5. The bag is really cute, but like Miri, I have never been a fan of the 'pushlock that does nothing'. A few of his bags have this, and I don't get it.
    Saw it at Neiman's, though, and it looks better in person. It is super-cute and feels comfortable under your arm....
  6. Hey serene,
    it's a cute lil purse and i agree with miri i'm not usually a fan of the pushlock, it was the reason i didn't get the mj hudson and went with the stam hobo as my first mj. anyway i wanted to tell you that i know a seller on eBay that has this bag up for 629, i've worked with him before and he sells authentic items, i bought a marc jacobs dianne for my mom from him, very authentic, didn't have a dustbag, but it was in new condition, also bought lots of shoes. anyway if you offer him 350-400, i think he'd take it as it's been in his store for like 2 months now. again his name is treasuredepot on eBay

    good luck. i was gonna make an offer on it, but it's too small and i just got a bowler, my next is a stam. so i'm kinda booked.
  7. bump!

    does anyone have this bag? do you normally use it as a small everyday bag? do you think you could use it as a going out/evening bag? do you find it heavy at all?

    and also does anyone have any modelling pics please? i found a link to some info about this bag, but there's only a pic of the bag hanging off the model's wrist, not on the shoulder or anything.

    TIA! :smile:
  8. I wish I could help Blivlien, but all I can say its that its cute:heart:. I hope someone else here can offer up more info. GL!
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    I bought it just recently and will take some modeling shots for you tonight. I love that it is lined in teal leather!!
  10. i saw someone carrying this bag irl, and it looked great. she had it set down on a seat next to me, and i kept stealing glances at it. it reminds me of the chanel flap only cooler. ;)
  11. i have always really loved this style! they have good prices on eBay too
  12. i think it's cute! i like that the chain is removable. it's too small for me though. ;)
  13. It's cute but doesn't make me say "WOW". But if you love it you should have it. Definitely check it out IRL then decide.
  14. i really really really like this bag, if the exchange rate wasn't so bad at the moment i would be pondering over it more