Opinion: LV Alexandra wallet

  1. Do you all like this wallet? Can you comment on it?

    I don't really like the Gold bit of Koala in the front (probably will get scratched)

    Which type should I get? A traditional mono or damier ebeny?

    Planning to get this wallet sometime next week. :smile:
  2. As far as I remember the Alexandra Wallet has the regular snap in the front, not the Koala Gold clasp, or ? :confused1:
  3. yup yup, my bet.

    I was trying to say I like the inside of the Koala wallet but the gold clasp was a no-no for me.

    That's why I've narrowed my choice down to Alexandra alone with the regular snap
  4. I like the Alexandra wallet in black multicolor. But all of them are nice. They are very roomy, lots od CC slots, ID card window and change pocket. I think you should get it if you like it.
  5. I have it in white MC and I love it! It has a lot of CC slots (14, that I can use) many compartments for receipts and misc. stuff ... very easy access to the bill compartment, a zipped coin area and the clear plastic window is a plus! I highly recommend it ... if it's your first LV wallet, then I vote for the Mono, if not ... then the Damier Ebene!
  6. Yeah, thx for your advice.

    I am not sure whether it has stock though, LV stores in HK are always out of stock of this Alexandra wallet.

    I recently got a mono Palermo PM bag... was then thinking of buying my 1st LV wallet :smile:

    I'll be drowned in collecting LV products in no time.
  7. Which alexandra? Mono or Damier Ebony?

    Any kinds of suggestions and opinions are mostly welcomed.
  8. Hi, I got the mono Alexandra. I wanted something that could fit all of my stuff - although the wallet seems a little thick when full. I've been tempted to switch to a slimmer/smaller wallet, but I know I'd hate not having everything with me!

    When I bought my Alexandra they only had it in mono. Given a choice now I'd pick either white MC or damier ebony. Just my personal preference.
  9. Wow... it sounds great! Do you have any pics that can let me know how thick it could go? Or just some regular photos of your daily use Alexandra if you don't mind?

    How long have you got your Alexandra? Is it easy to maintain? Does it wear out a lot? Sorry to bombard you with all these questions.
  10. I had it in Black MC - it's a GREAT wallet! I sold it, though, because it was just too big for me - I only used about 4 of the cc slots! Now I carry my Zip Compact wallet since it's a much better size for me.
  11. Hi, here are some pics - the left side of the wallet is thicker than the right (due to the way the flaps are joined together). Mine is currently about 75% full.

    I've been using her everyday since August 2007. I don't really baby my wallet although I'm not rough with my things anyway. Easy to maintain - she still looks new! :tup:
    alexandra_left.JPG alexandra_right.JPG alexandra_angle.JPG
  12. wow... thx so much for letting me see it with something in there!

    I'll definitely go for alexandra as my next wallet.

    Still struggling on mono vs. damier ebony
  13. Anyone got any suggestions on getting this wallet in mono or damier ebony print?
  14. Is this your first LV wallet? If you haven't got any mono wallet, you might want it in mono rather than damier canvas.
  15. Yes, it's my first LV wallet.

    I got a mono Palermo PM bag as my 1st LV item.
    The wallet will be my 2nd.