Opinion...Just ordered these two bags?

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  1. I'm new to Prada, just ordered these two bags from saks.com. They are new and it was a pre-order. They won't be in until March 30th. Opinions please?


  2. ^Shoot!!! Can't these pics..I'm at work...so my 2 cents will have to wait lol!!!
  3. Sorry, EMMY! Please let me know your thoughts when you get home from work!
  4. I love them both, if I had to choose based on shape alone it would be a tough call but I would pick the black one..... however I don't carry a black bag in the spring or summer so based on color if I had to pick one, I would go with the brown. I am a huge fan of both of those though, you have great taste. :smile:
  5. Are you keeping both bags or planning to choose between them?

    IMO, I will pick the black bag cos' it works great for work and play! ;)
  6. Actually I like them both.
    But I love black handbags, so I advise you to choose black! :P

  7. both r differnt...looosk greta
  8. The black beauty for me... ;)
  9. I prefer the style and size of the black one - perfect with the double handles and long strap
  10. I like the 2nd one :smile:
  11. Thanks. I just got home and couldn't wait to see what you all thought about them. I ordered both of them. I've never had a Prada before, I loved the look and style of these. I love the simple, classy look of Prada. I want to get another in the "camel" color family, but need some suggestions on what to get. I LOVE satchels, with the extra strap. I live in Nashville, and we don't have any stores that carry Prada. So, I have to order everything on-line.
    Thanks for your:tup:
  12. Sorry, I was cleaning up Photobucket, and moved the bags into a Prada File...so I accidentally dumped them from my first post...sorry!


  13. love them both but I like the brown one just a little better
  14. Both are great. I think it just depends on a personal preference, do you want a double shoulder strap or the top handles with the one long strap.
  15. Both are great! But my personal preference would be for the first black one! You have the easy option of hand carrying it, or shoulder carrying it! And it looks really smart! :biggrin: